Super Treasure Arena – Halloween Edition Now Available

Trick or Treat: Fight for Gobs of Sweet Delicious Candy and Enjoy Spooky Maps and Ghoulish Characters


Super Treasure Arena is all about the loot..and the combat…but today, it’s also about getting spooky!

Vennril, the developer of Super Treasure Arena, is a huge Halloween fan. That’s why he created a special Halloween Edition for bringing you great Halloween fun with his retro-inspired arena shooter. Today, you get to jump into some pixel-powered baddie (and buddy) blasting fun, all set to a Halloween theme! Who needs friends (who’ll just swipe your digital candy) when you’ve got a sword, a shield and all sorts of other ways of beating down sinister spooks and Halloween horrors!

Enjoy spooky Halloween-themed decorations on every map and ghoulish versions of the five main characters. Instead of coins, you also get to collect masses of candy! The fast and frantic action for up to four players is perfectly suited for every Halloween party (or pre-Halloween prep!)

Join the fast-paced multiplayer fun with your friends for only $7.99 USD / €7.99 / £5.59.

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