This past weekend, FYIG had the opportunity to talk to actress, Lindsay Lamb. Lindsay talked about working with Burt Reynolds and Amy Smart, the paranormal, and a whole lot more. You can also read about her experiences working on movies like Hide in the Light and Blue Line. Be sure to check out this interview with one of Hollywood’s up and coming actresses!

Let the readers know a bit about yourself for those that may not know you.

I am an actress, a sushi, and wine advocate, and a dog mom to the two most spoiled mutts you’ll ever meet.


How did you get your start in acting?


I started acting when my first-grade teacher told my mom what an interesting kid I was (not sure if this was a compliment) and suggested getting me into theater to be amongst my fellow “interesting” humans. I auditioned for the local theater’s production of ‘Annie’ a month later and was cast as Molly. I’ve been hooked ever since!


You play Becca in Hide in the Light. Can you tell us a bit about that role and the movie itself?


Hide in the Light is set around a group of friends who consider themselves to be urban explorers. While exploring an abandoned orphanage, they find themselves trapped amongst the supernatural and have to do whatever it takes to escape alive. I play Becca who starts off as sweet and a bit innocent, as it is her first urban exploration. However, she very quickly has to grow up and fight for her and her friends’ lives.  


Demonic forces are at play in Hide in the Light. Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever had any odd experiences if you do?


I absolutely believe in the paranormal. I think that it’s naive to say that something doesn’t exist just because one has never experienced it first hand. I haven’t had any crazy experiences with the paranormal but as a kid I remember seeing figures and shadows move around our house. I’ve also had doors close with force when there hasn’t been a window open or any real explanation. I think kids are much more susceptible to experiencing such things which is why kids are so creepy… ha!


Lindsay Lamb
Photo credit: Chris Wood

You seem to gravitate towards the horror genre. What is it about that particular genre that keeps you coming back to it?


I think the process of making a horror film is so interesting. Seeing it go from script, then meeting everyone at the table read and hearing it out loud for the first time, and then being on set and filming is cool enough on its own, but once post production is complete and the film now has special effects, music, etc., it is so different and has so many new dimensions than it had on day one. I also love SFX make up so anytime that someone says I’ll be covered in blood and scars I’m usually onboard. 


You have a family feature coming up called Arlo: The Burping Pig. What can you tell us about your character, Samantha?


Samantha is very different from the roles I usually play. She is bookish, more reserved and struggles to find her voice. I usually play the blonde cheerleader types who have a very loud voice whether anyone wants to hear it or not. 


What was it like working with a pig?


Wilson (who plays Arlo in the film) was adorable and so much fun! He was only 9 weeks when we started and was so well trained and well behaved. I don’t think I’ve ever taken as many selfies as I did on that set. He was made for the camera!

Lindsay Lamb
Photo credit: David Muller


You also have Apple Of My Eye coming up shortly. You play a Braille tutor named, Jenny. What was it like to play an uplifting character like that?


Working on Apple of My Eye was not only one of the best experiences I’ve had on a film, but one of the most informative and enlightening. I learned so much playing Jenny and working with the wonderful people at Southeastern Guide Dogs. 


What was it like working with Burt Reynolds and Amy Smart?


Um, AMAZING. Burt Reynolds is obviously a legend and is just as charming as I imagined he would be. He took photos with absolutely everyone and was so kind and generous. Amy was an absolute doll. She and I have a mutual friend so I was already prepared for what a wonderful human she would be, but she surpassed everyone’s expectations. 


Blue Line is another one of your upcoming films in which you play kidnapped cheerleader Bunny Abbott. What was your experience like in that role?


We shot Blue Line in Cromwell, Connecticut in the dead of winter, so it was cold… very cold. I was playing a cheerleader so the wardrobe didn’t lend much to help the with weather elements. Aside from my thin Florida/ California blood freezing over, filming Blue Line was great. It was the first film I booked out of college and is one that I hold very close to my heart. 


Was it intimidating to meet the 7ft tall Kevin Nash for the first time?


You would think it would be very intimidating but Kevin is such a sweetie. I love the photo I have of us standing side-by-side; it cracks me up!

You play so many different roles — has there ever been one that you’ve turned down because you weren’t into the character?


Yes, I’ve had to turn a few down, but mostly because the dates conflicted so I had to really focus on which script and character were going to challenge me. I also turned down a role that was described as “she’s a woman so she’s really dumb”. Oof! I think that one is self-explanatory…


You’ve done a bit of TV work with All About Lizzie and as a ballerina on Ugly Betty. Are you looking to get into more television roles in the near-future?


I would love to do more television! I’ve been binge watching a ton of new shows as “homework” and I’m definitely looking forward to exploring more of that world ASAP.  

What would your dream role be?

My dream role would be to play a badass woman who gets to wear sweatpants, fight villains and save the day. That’s actually my life goal too. Mostly the sweatpants part! But in all seriousness, I definitely want to get more involved in the action genre. I’ve done my own stunts for the last several films and have been training hard to continue doing so. 

Have you thought about maybe starting your own web-series or something like that? You seem to have the diversity and creativity to make something like that work.


Funny you should say that! I’m actually in the middle of writing a series and writing my first feature. I’ve also been shooting one-minute sketch comedies for Instagram (@LambL91 if you want to check them out) with my costar from Hide in the Light, Sterling Jones, and our director Mikey McGregor. Our last few videos have gotten thousands of shares and over a million views so it’s a great way to keep busy and stay creative when things are a bit slow while also promoting your work.  


What do you do in your spare time?


I love cooking. I don’t always get the best results but I’m getting better… I hope. I also have two dogs, Scotch and Jovi, who I spend 99% of my free time with either hiking, watching murder documentaries or running around on the beach. I have an unhealthy obsession with those pups.   


Tell the readers about what you have coming up (that we haven’t mentioned) and where to find you online.


I will hopefully have some very exciting news to talk about soon regarding a hysterical pilot that I shot a few months ago brought to you by some very talented people. Not sure that I can say any more than that but I’ll definitely be sharing ASAP via Instagram (@LambL91) and the Twitter machine (@LindsayLamb_).


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