This week on NXT (11/23/2016), Sanity unleashes another beatdown while Billie Kay and Peyton Royce find an intriguing partner for their match.

Koana Reeves vs. Rich Swann

I thought it was weird that Koana Reeves was facing Rich Swann. I believe we’ve seen him before under a different name, but don’t quote me on that. He and Rich fought for a little while before none other than Sanity would crash the party and start beating down both men. It was a typical Sanity beating, establishing their dominance. The Interesting thing about this night was that Eric Young finally spoke up. He said Sanity won’t “ask permission, they’re going to take”. So we’ve been able to see that this is a faction that won’t be playing by the typical wrestling rules and that they’re going to do whatever they want.

No Way José hit the ring to check on Swann and Reeves. He then grabbed a mic and challenged Eric Young to a fight. Young got in the ring, but the numbers game proved to be too much and Sanity started to beat him down. They’ll have a real match (since this one had no ref) next week. I’m not sure how I feel about this feud yet. If anything, I feel like No Way José should be moving up the ladder a little bit. He’s established and hasn’t turned in a bad performance yet. Maybe this feud with Sanity will help him out? It seems like Sanity can do no wrong right now, so I have no problem putting a mid-card go against them to see what he can do. 

Ember Moon/Liv Morgan/Aliyah vs. Peyton Royce/Billie Kay/Daria Berenato

After such build for this match with all the tension built up between these women, it was absolutely forgettable. They made Daria out to be some monster and yet, when it came down to it, she fell to the Eclipse from Ember Moon just over 5 minutes into the match. I can see why this wasn’t on the main Takeover card yet. With the exception of Ember Moon, these women just aren’t quite at the level that they need to be to have a lengthy match. All of them are improving, but Liv, Aliyah, and Daria specifically still need some more time to hone their skills. I hope that some smaller feuds develop out of this and that we can see some different matchups so that something sticks. The worst part to me is that, even though they tried to make it personal, it just wasn’t that interesting.


Skip this week’s show. There wasn’t a point in watching it, it was a waste of time. The entire show basically consisted of recaps, Ember’s team winning, and Sanity being Sanity. Samoa Joe will be back next week and will defend his title against Nakamura in Osaka on December 3rd. Now you know everything in a couple lines.



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