This week on Raw (10/31/2016), Goldberg returns to Raw and is interrupted by Paul Heyman while Bayley faces off against her toughest challenge yet!


I’ll be the first to s that I wasn’t a fan of WCW in its heyday. We didn’t have the ability to watch TNT here in Canada where Nitro was shown, so I was a then-WWF guy. With that being said, it was impossible to not know who Goldberg was and what he meant to the business. He was on every piece of merchandise imaginable in stores across North America. He was an icon. A little bit of that mystique was tarnished by his treatment in WWE during his first run. WWE didn’t quite know how to use Goldberg effectively and he suffered for it leaving to a chorus of boos in Madison Square Garden at Wrestlemania 20.

Goldberg is back in WWE for now for what looks to be a one-off. The first thing I notice with Bill is how much he seems to genuinely enjoy what he’s doing right now. He still brings the intensity, but you can see how much he appreciates being able to get this opportunity for his son and kids everywhere. If you know anything about Goldberg outside the ring, you know that he’s a good-natured human being and that is showing through at the right times now.

Goldberg was confronted by Paul Heyman and then Rusev last night and ended up pulling out a Jackhammer for Rusev and a Spear for Heyman which (kayfabe) put him in the hospital. I think this was a good way to re-introduce the type of hard-hitting personality of Goldberg for people who may not have seen him before. He’s still a bit rusty, but it’ll come around. 

Trick or Street Fight

I hated this match. These themed holiday matches are never good and it once again didn’t accomplish much of anything. Gallows and Anderson simply being in this match was ridiculous enough and losing it was even worse. It gave some much-needed life to Enzo and Big Cass, but it was just a mess both literally and figuratively.

Brian Kendrick/TJ Perkins

Brian Kendrick has been such a breath of fresh air for the Cruiserweight Division. Apart from Tony Nese, Rich Swan, and TJ Perkins, there aren’t many Cruiserweights with personality. Kendrick has all kinds of personality and his well-spoken promos are always entertaining. I’ve consistently enjoyed his work since he’s made his return.

Kendrick retained his WWE Cruiserweight Championship by getting counted out last night in a brilliant heel move. He could’ve made it back to the ring but chose not to after climbing half way. TJ attacked Kendrick after the match and made Brian tap to the Kneebar. The story between these two is far from over and that’s a good thing.

Battle Royale for a spot on Team Raw at Survivor Series

I know, most Battle Royales are pretty boring. With exception to the Royal Rumble or a match with a title on the line, these matches are pretty much useless. This one was no different. The one quick note is that Sami Zayn almost eliminated Braun Strowman before being tossed out. Braun had asked to be on Team Raw earlier in the night and got his wish. I’m juts intrigued what they plan on doing with this whole Zayn/Strowman thing. I have a feeling it’ll be dropped, but I’d love to see the underdog Zayn attempt to take down the big man.

Bayley/Charlotte/Nia Jax/Dana Brooke

These 4 women were tied together a little bit last night so I’ll address all of them at once. Let’s start with Charlotte. The Queen reigned supreme at Hell in a Cell in an incredible match. I’ve loved the addition of the throne to her entrance as it just solidifies her character as a hated heel. I was most impressed last night that no matter how sentimental Bayley tried to get with Charlotte, she maintained her bad girl persona. Charlotte is so much better than anyone realizes right now.

Bayley is coming to the forefront of the Raw Women’s Division right now after her surprise win over a dominant Dana Brooke. Bayley has stated her intentions to challenge Charlotte, but it seems Charlotte is going to set up some road blocks along the way, namely Nia Jax. Bayley faced the seldom seen Nia and although showing a lot of fight ended up on the losing end as expected. It works perfectly into Bayley’s character. Bayley is an underdog much like Sami Zayn and she works a crowd better when she has to come from behind to win. Bayley’s road to the NXT Women’s Championship was a rough one and it looks like her road to Raw’s gold won’t be any easier. That’s exactly the way it should be. When Bayley finally does win that title, it’ll be a moment to remember.

Nia Jax finally showed her face again after missing a good chunk of time. Nia comes back just in time for Survivor Series and should sway the match in Raw’s favour. I’m looking forward to what Nia will ultimately be up to as far as feuds go. We may not find that out until after Survivor Series.

Dana Brooke had a great showing at Hell in a Cell and then on Raw she was back at Charlotte’s side at the announce table. WHY!? She was just starting to come into her own and now she might be aligned with Charlotte again. I just feel like the silent break-up was the best thing for those two. I see so much more value in building Dana as her own entity.


How crazy is the dynamic between these 4 men? Jericho and Owens have been running around causing chaos for weeks due to their “friendship”. Nowhere was that more apparent than Hell in a Cell when Jericho locked himself in the cell with Rollins and Owens. Rollins got the short end of the stick on that night, but the tide seems like it might be about to change.

On Raw, Seth Rollins made the save for Roman Reigns after he was attacked by Kevin Owens at the end of his match with Jericho. Obviously, Reigns and Rollins have some bad blood, but also common enemies now. Let’s not forget The Shield either! I don’t know what’s going to happen with all this, but I have to say that this could be one way to get Reigns over with the fans that boo him. Who knows what the end game is, but things just got a whole lot more interesting.

Quick Notes

Cesaro and Sheamus…forget it, I’ve said it all before. I’m not a fan of this.

Bo Dallas was eliminated first in the Battle Royale. I couldn’t BO-lieve it! Sorry, I had to.

The New Day may well make a heel turn before this whole title reign is over. At this point they might as well mold those tag titles to their waists. It’s obvious no other team is going to ever get them.

The other Cruiserweights had a match for fun. Not sure what they’re fighting for considering the Cruiserweight Championship is locked to Kendrick and Perkins.

Emmalina is still coming. Just so you know.


I wouldn’t call this Raw a great show, but a lot of things are in the works that are just beginning. I would say it was good for planting the seeds. We’ll see where everything goes to know whether this week’s show was actually as good as it seemed.



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