This week on Raw (11/7/2016) the road to Survivor Series is taking shape. Can any of Raw’s teams possibly co-exist?

Survivor Series

This may well be a short article for Raw this week as 90% of Raw was devoted to dissension between Survivor Series teams while still claiming that they’ll win. It was kind of weird to watch essentially the same promo between each team. I think it’s great that Survivor Series is important again. The dysfunction with the teams makes things kind of strange, though. I understand that it’s pretty much how it’s going to be when you have a bunch of rivals, but it seems like the 3 teams are all virtually the same.

I like variety and it’s hard to have variety with something like this. I am happy that Survivor Series means something for the first time in years. Hopefully, this trend continues for years to come.


Rich Swann & Sin Cara vs. The Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar: Raw, Nov. 7, 2016

WWE is really going all out with the Cruiserweights. They announced a new WWE Network show called 205 Live which is dedicated to Cruiserweights in addition to having them appear on Raw and NXT. It’s a winning combination that gets all these guys the spotlight that they’ve never been accustomed to before.

With all of the new screen time that the Cruiserweights will be getting, it’s only logical that the roster continues to grow. Noam Dar was the latest to join the roster this past Monday Night. He teamed with The Brian Kendrick to face Sin Cara and Rich Swann in a losing effort. Kendrick ended up blaming Dar for the loss and Dar booted him to the outside.

I like the addition of Dar, his short-lived team with Kendrick made little sense so I’m glad they rectified that situation in a hurry. Dar will add a fresh new face to the blossoming Cruiserweight Division and should be a mainstay on the new show when it debuts.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

The New Day vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson: Raw, Nov. 7, 2016

It’s really frustrating for me to see the start and stop push of these two guys. There isn’t much left for them to do, they’ve proven they deserve a Raw Tag Team Championship match and yet, still don’t have one. I’m not sure that these two guys will ever get to the promised land. They beat The New Day again in a non-title match on Raw and I really have to wonder if it’s going to lead to anything or if it’s just going to fizzle out again.

Brock Lesnar/Goldberg

Brock Lesnar explains what he'll do to Goldberg at Survivor Series: Raw, Nov. 7, 2016

Neither of these men were actually on Raw this past Monday night, but I do have to applaud the intensity from both individuals going into their Survivor Series encounter.  I love how when Brock gets an opportunity to talk, he really makes you understand how dominant he is. He always tells everyone exactly what he’s planning on doing in such a blunt tone. He even went so far as to tell Goldberg’s wife not to watch. 

I preach it constantly, but personal feuds make for great television and this one is turning into that before our very eyes.

Golden Truth

The Golden Truth vs. The Shining Stars: Raw, Nov. 7, 2016

R-Truth and Goldust are certainly in the twilight of their careers. I definitely haven’t been that fond of their team since they debuted. They’ve almost never done anything of note. I know they’re a comedy act, but these two guys can actually put on a good match so why not have them do that?

On Raw, R-Truth revealed that he traded their spot on Team Raw for a timeshare from The Shining Stars which resulted in Golden Truth facing The Shining Stars to try and get it back. It didn’t go well and Primo and Epico steal another victory to take the final spot on Team Raw.

I really think a feud between R-Truth and Goldust could be a nice way to end this team. It would give both men something to sink their teeth into and something a little bit more serious. I just think the team has run its course and it’s time for a change.

The Women’s Division

Sasha Banks, Bayley & Alicia Fox vs. Charlotte, Dana Brooke & Nia Jax: Raw, Nov. 7, 2016

If you’ve never heard one of the crazy Bayley chants before, Glasgow certainly treated you to one on Raw! “Heyyy Bayleeyyy, I wanna knowwwwwww if you’ll be my girl” rang through the arena for what seemed like an eternity. Every woman who tried to have a chance at a promo had trouble with the crowd noise in the background. Alicia Fox, in particular, seemed to flub her lines. Sasha Banks and Bayley used it to their advantage and made the crowd even louder. Charlotte was the most interesting, she plugged her ears and told the crowd to stop singing.

When all was said and done it would be the heels versus the faces in an impromptu match which saw Bayley pin Charlotte with a Bayley to Belly. It seems that Bayley is going to be a major player in the Raw Women’s Championship picture. She’s gotten the best of Charlotte at least a couple of times now. I truly think that Bayley could be one of the most popular champions in WWE since AJ Lee. 

I am a bit concerned with rushing Bayley into the title picture right now, it’s certainly unnecessary. Bayley can gain a lot more by progressing slowly towards that. I think there’s a better case to be made for a face Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte for the championship at this point. I know Dana is still a bit green, but they’ve definitely been building a strong relationship between those two not unlike the Shawn Michaels/Diesel friendship and then rivalry. 

Nia Jax did exactly what she needed to do on Raw by telling everyone that she works for no one but herself. Nia needs to stay neutral to be effective. The moment she becomes a hired gun will be the moment she loses all credibility. 

It’ll be quite a sight to see these five women attempt to co-exist at Survivor Series.

Rusev/Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn vs. Rusev - Intercontinental Championship Qualifying Match: Raw, Nov. 7, 2016

These two had a fairly brief match for a spot against Dolph Ziggler in the Open Invitational at Survivor Series for the Intercontinental Championship. I wish they would have had a bit longer of a match, these two guys are definite workhorses. Oh well, Zayn did pick up the victory with a Helluva Kick on the top rope to Rusev. 

Zayn will go on to face Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. I don’t know if this will lead to Sami being traded to the SmackDown brand, but I really hope so. Sami deserves an opportunity to do something better than what he’s been doing lately. This guy has so much talent and there’s just no place for him on Raw and it’s been sad to see.

5-Way Non-Title Match

Reigns vs. Rollins vs. Owens vs. Strowman vs. Jericho — Fatal 5-Way Match: Raw, Nov. 7, 2016

These matches kill me. Why as a fan would I care who wins this match? It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not. This match had absolutely zero implication on anything and that’s just silly. It’s a poor way to end Raw.


This week’s show was a real drag to get through. I feel like SmackDown could benefit from more time while I feel like Raw needs less time. There’s not enough going on on Raw to keep me interested right now. Survivor Series is kind of draining my interest of Raw a little bit. It’s like they’ve kind of put their stories on hold, not completely, but enough to where they’re on the backburner. That shouldn’t be the case. I hope that next week is a bit more exciting.

Props to The New Day on their Braveheart entrance, though! That was some funny stuff!




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