If you haven’t been following Arby’s on social media, you might want to start after reading this post. The famous fast food chain has become known for their geeky ads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets.

Most advertisements are pretty annoying and it’s safe to say the vast majority of people don’t like them. How does a company get around that problem? If you’re Arby’s, you do it by catering to different pop-culture references that people think of fondly. Here’s a collection of many of those references.

Super Mario

This is a really cool post showing the evolution of the the Mario blocks and mushrooms as well as the packets of Arby’s sauce.


To commemorate Metroid’s 30th anniversary, Arby’s captured a Metroid.



This meatball sub and the quote represent the Star Wars parody, Spaceballs.


Nuka Cola is a fictional drink in the Fallout series that the main character uses for health.

Star Trek

Big Trouble in Little China

Jack Burton was Kurt Russell’s character in Big Trouble in Little China.


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