Respawn Entertainment is out this year with a new game in the Titanfall series. This game has a full campaign as opposed to being online-only like the first. Check out our thoughts inside!

Release DateOctober 28, 2016
GenreFirst-Person Shooter
PlatformsPC/PS4/Xbox One
DeveloperRespawn Entertainment
Price$59.99 US
ESRB RatingMature
Players1-16 Players

I’ll be the first to say that I never really played Titanfall when it first came out. I thought the idea of an online-only MechWarrior-style game sounded appealing but limited. I also didn’t have an Xbox One at the time, so I was limited. I appreciated that the game was something different, though. It wasn’t a standard FPS, it added a whole new dynamic that was smartly implemented. It was the start of a brand new series.

Titanfall 2 brought a full campaign mode to the series for the first time and it was also the first time that the series appeared on the PS4. The addition of the campaign mode in this game gave Titanfall 2 an emotional connection that the first game could never fully realize.

Titanfall 2 Review
In the thick of battle.

The first thing I have to touch on in Titanfall 2 is how well constructed the game is for the abilities that the player has. As a Pilot, your character has a lot of parkour moves and different things he can do like double-jumping, wall-running, and power-sliding. As we’ve seen in the Call of Duty series, sometimes this type of movement is a novelty. In Infinite Warfare, one of my biggest complaints was that the levels didn’t really match the movements your character was able to use. Titanfall 2 is the complete opposite.

Titanfall 2 feels like it is built for speed. There are always walls to run across or different spots that you can jump up to get to a more advantageous position. The movement just feels so fluid and a lot less clunky than other games like Call of Duty. I never fell off a wall or missed a jump that I shouldn’t have. Respawn did a great job to make sure that everything works to perfection when you’re in the thick of battle. It’s the difference between joy and utter frustration. I never felt frustrated with Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 Review
Jack Cooper is the main protagonist of Titanfall 2, behind him is his Titan, BT.

The game’s campaign follows Militia rifleman Jack Cooper who dreams of one day becoming a pilot. Those dreams end up coming true in short order after an IMC attack forces his dying mentor to transfer the link of his Titan to Cooper. This becomes the beginning of a new friendship that will last the entirety of the game’s campaign between the Titan, BT, and Jack.

The story is not a very original story and probably resembles many that you’ve seen in other games. It’s generally a seek and obtain mission. While that doesn’t sound very interesting from the outset, it’s the relationship between BT and Jack that makes the campaign worthwhile. The characters really care for each other and it shows through their actions at different times throughout the campaign. As mentioned by many others, it’s very reminiscent of The Iron Giant.

The major factor of the campaign of Titanfall 2 is that it didn’t get boring. A lot of campaigns feel like you’re sludging through them by the last few, but this campaign kept up with the action all the way through the 8-10 hour campaign. There are new devices and mechanics that are constantly being introduced to keep things fresh. I don’t feel like any two levels were all that similar because of that.

Titanfall 2 Review
Time traveling to the past.

The gameplay doesn’t change a whole lot in theory. It mostly switches between on-foot battles and Titan battles, but when new mechanics are introduced, the game gets an extra shot in the arm. One such level involves you traveling back and forth through time to get through a laboratory. One moment, you’re facing a wall of fire, with a click of a button, it changes to a room full of scientists that you can walk through. It’s clever level design like this that makes Titanfall 2 such a refreshing game. Other things like the Arc Tool which electrifies things and the SERE Kit found later in the game that has a one-hit kill pistol are other notable highlights.

Titanfall 2 Review
…and back to present day.

As much fun as playing the pilot role is, playing as a Titan is just as enjoyable. Most of these are in the form of boss battles, but you’ll encounter a few sprinkled through the campaign. None of these fights feel insurmountable and they won’t frustrate you nearly as much as most games. I did have a bit of an issue with the flying Viper, though. That Titan was a rough one. 

The multiplayer in Titanfall 2 fun and addictive. I found myself able to jump right in and go to the top of the leaderboard. It’s not that I’m that great at the game, it’s more that there aren’t any stupid perks or things that allow players to spam a map with. It’s a straight-up battle between Titans and pilots and it’s a ton of fun. There’s nothing like seeing a group of pilots trying to take down a Titan all at once. It’s a unique multiplayer experience and one I really enjoyed. The best thing about it is that there is no Season Pass, you get every new weapon and map absolutely for free. 

Titanfall 2 Review
Titanfall 2 takes the fight everywhere, including on top of a fleet of vehicles in flight.
Great transition gameplay between the pilot and TitanCampaign is short
Story stays interesting throughout the game 
Multiplayer is amazingly fun! 


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