NICOSIA, CYPRUS – January 23, 2017 – Ascanio, the first Cyprus-based PC and console game developer, today announced that their title, Crash Force, is now available in open beta on Steam after a successful launch via the Steam Greenlight program. The early access will finally allow players to get a front-row seat to the exciting and hectic battles of this new hovercraft infused shooter.
With three factions for players to choose from, and nine unique hovercrafts, Crash Force’s story explores a universe at war for the last remnants of Lumen, a mysterious power source that can be used for good or evil, offense or defense, and whose fate ultimately lies with the player and their skill.
“Our goal with Crash Force is to create a blend of the best features from multiple genres, including elements of RPGs, strategy and shooters,” said George Tziazas, Founder, Ascanio. “We are excited to get this new multiplayer experience into the hands of our fans, and look forward to receiving feedback from players and incorporating key suggestions  into our game.”
With unique loadouts and abilities, players will strategically select a hovercraft that fits their playstyle and in-game role, allowing them to take on the enemy how they wish. Designed to incorporate the most exciting elements of competitive gaming into one package, Crash Force includes uniquely equipped hovercrafts, with both standard and skillshot-style special weapons on all, in which players fight for supremacy against their opponents as they race around detailed alien worlds.


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