This week on NXT (1/25/2017), Liv Morgan and Ember Moon face off while the 4 women in the title match at Takeover create some chaos!

Liv Morgan/Ember Moon

Liv and Ember didn’t get a whole lot of time to showcase their talents in the ring against each other on NXT, but I feel like they made the most of it. Liv got to show us how athletic she was with a kip-up and The Matrix Move that Trish Stratus made famous. In the end, Ember Moon did exactly what she said she’d do as she won via pinfall after the Eclipse. I think this was how everyone expected this match to go down and it primes Ember Moon to face the winner of the NXT Women’s Championship Match on Saturday.

I really like how Liv has been coming along. She has consistently gained confidence with each TV match that she’s been in. I really believe that she’s going to be a big piece of the NXT Women’s Division by mid to late 2017. She’s already starting to solidify herself as one of the building blocks of the division. It’s amazing how quickly NXT built up 5-6 good challengers for the title.

Ember Moon continues to impress me more and more every time I see her. She’s almost flawless in the ring. More than being flawless in the ring, though, she has that it factor that is only rivaled by Asuka as far as the women are concerned. I think that they are building to an eventual battle between those two over the title. That opinion of mine may change is Asuka does happen to lose the title Saturday night. In any event, the Women’s Division is as exciting as ever right now and it can only get better as these performers get more and more experience.

No Way José

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen much from No Way José. The last time we did, he was beat down by Sanity along with Kona Reeves who was his opponent on this week’s show. This is the type of continuity that I love about NXT. Everything has a reason, nothing is really ignored. José ended up beating Kona in a pretty quick match, but I was really impressed by how polished Kona looked in the ring. He definitely has a good presence to him and he really lays in his moveset.

The big talking point happened after the match when Elias Samson interrupted José’s victory celebration to sing a song. José said the song sucked and sang his own back to Samson before knocking him off the apron with a punch. I think this is the perfect feud for both guys. They both have musical gimmicks and Elias really needs a bigger name to make him feel more legitimate. I think this feud could be very beneficial for both men.

Eric Young

Young made short work of Chris Atkins on this week’s episode. It was a pretty one-sided match after the first 30 seconds. He mocked Dillinger by doing the 10 hand signs in the match. Afterwards, he told Tye that he made the wrong choice before Killian Dain hit a Running Back Senton on Atkins.

I really like the edge that Eric Young has been displaying lately. A lot of people probably don’t know how versatile of a character that Eric can be. It was a great idea to make him a heel leader and he has transitioned into that role in a fantastic way. I’m not sure who I’m hoping will win on Saturday, but I think both men are going to turn in an amazing match. Both guys are hungry for a bigger role and I’m interested to see the outcome. Dillinger can still end up in Sanity after all of this…

Billie Kay/Peyton Royce/Nikki Cross/Asuka

The 4 ladies that will compete for the NXT Women’s Championship on Saturday night met in the ring on NXT, kind of. William Regal tried to get them all together, but Asuka came out and attacked Nikki Cross right away. Peyton and Billie then attacked both women from behind, but were promptly thrown from the ring. Security tried to break up Asuka and Nikki, but both women beat down the entire security team before Nikki leaped off the top rope onto Asuka and some security members on the outside.

I think that this Fatal 4 Way Match on Saturday night is going to be a very interesting match to watch, it might be my most anticipated after the NXT Championship match. I think Peyton and Billie are going to be the dark horse favourites to win the match because of how calculated they can be when they see an opportunity. I love that dynamic, there are two unpredictable women and two under-handed women. There’s bound to be some type of crazy finish to this one and I can’t wait to see it.


My picks will be in bold.

No. Matches Stipulations
1 Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Bobby Roode Singles match for the NXT Championship
2 #DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) (c) vs. The Authors of Pain (Rezar and Akam) (with Paul Ellering) Tag team match for the NXT Tag Team Championship
3 Asuka (c) vs. Nikki Cross vs. Billie Kay vs. Peyton Royce Fatal 4-Way match for the NXT Women’s Championship
4 Eric Young vs. Tye Dillinger Singles match
5 Roderick Strong vs. Andrade Almas Singles match



It was a good go-home episode for NXT this week, we were introduced to a new feud and the women really dominated the show. Admittedly, I’m not as excited for this Takeover event on Saturday as I have been for the previous bunch. I’m just hoping we get some surprises.


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