The 2/22/2017 NXT Recoil features Peyton Royce, Dunne vs. Andrews, and Kassius Ohno returning to NXT to confront Bobby Roode!

Royce Becomes the #1 Contender

Peyton Royce pulled off a win under some unlikely odds to face Asuka next week for the NXT Women’s Championship. I really didn’t expect Peyton to get the win facing both girls who she’s been feuding with over the past few months, but she found a way. Of course Billie Kay did distract Ember Moon long enough to give Peyton an easy opportunity, but Peyton did technically win it on her own with a nice Northern Lights Suplex. I’m sure that it will be yet another win for Asuka, but it’s nice to see someone new getting a shot.

By the way, how awesome was Liv Morgan’s Space Jam inspired attire? One of my favourite things about NXT is seeing the cool stuff that Liv comes up with for her attire every week. 

Dunne Gets The Win Over Andrews

I’ve been outspoken against the English style of wrestling just not being that exciting to me before. My opinion changed tonight when I saw the match between Dunne and Andrews. These two guys have such contrasting styles that allowed them to have an amazing match. Pete Dunne is so aggressive and does so many things I rarely see like stretching opponents’ fingers and things of that nature. Mark Andrews was the complete opposite, a high-flyer who took to the air every chance he could. I was very impressed with both men. Dunne ended up getting the win with The Bitter End which was also pretty impressive itself. It’s nice to see these types of different matches on NXT and I really enjoyed the contrast between these two.

Roode Meets Ohno

Bobby Roode got a pretty hard-fought victory over No Way José on NXT, but the real story came after the match as Kassius Ohno came out to save José from a post-match beat down. Ohno talked about having unfinished business in NXT and wanting what Roode has…the NXT Championship. Roode ended up acting as if he’d give Ohno the title match right there before attacking his knee. Eventually Ohno kicked Roode off and cleared him from the ring. 

It was great to see the former Chris Hero back in NXT. Kassius Ohno should have never been released from NXT when he was. He would have been a top star in WWE right now had he not been released at that time. I think he’s going to add a lot of quality to the main event scene in NXT and I’m really excited to see what he can do with Roode. Ohno doesn’t look to be in the best shape, but hopefully that won’t hurt him this time around. There are worse looking people in prominent positions on the main roster.

The Final Word

There wasn’t a ton to talk about on NXT this week, it was more about matches than anything else. It was great to see Kassius Ohno make his return, though. It was definitely a show worth watching all the way through.


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