The 2/6/2017 Raw Reaction will focus on the best friends, the debut of Emmalina, Samoa Joe’s nicknames, the absence of Dana Brooke, and more!

The Many Nicknames for Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe: The Destroyer…or The Inevitable. Maybe The Inevitable Destroyer? Credit:

The Inevitable, The Destroyer, Samoa Joe has arrived on Raw. Do we need any other nicknames for this guy? I think having a nickname for nearly every big star is completely unnecessary and having more than one for a single Superstar is just ridiculous. He’s Samoa Joe, his work speaks for itself. He’s not a flashy guy and he doesn’t need a thousand different names. He beats people up, that’s all anyone needs to know.

Speaking of Joe, I’m liking this hired gun mentality he has going right now. He helps out Triple H because Triple H gave him a shot. It makes sense and it’s simple. I really have to praise the efforts of WWE lately to make their stories logical. I haven’t noticed too many plot holes in the past little while. It’s a beautiful thing.

Interference in Women’s Matches

2/6/2017 Raw Reaction
Nia could have just defeated Bayley, but nope, Charlotte creates the distraction. Credit:

I’m getting really tired of watching decent women’s matches every week only to have someone come out and distract one of the women long enough for the other to get the cheap victory. I know this is wrestling, but how many times do we have to see this happen? This week it was Charlotte distracting Bayley for a loss. I crave more variety if we’re going to see combinations of matches between the same 4 women every week. I love all 4 of these ladies, but everything had kind of fallen flat since the tremendous Sasha/Charlotte feud. Unfortunately, I guessed that would be the case.

Strowman Squash Matches

More jobbers… Credit:

Does Braun Strowman really need to continue on with these stupid squash matches? I think he’s long past the expiration date on those. It was great when he was just establishing his monster character, but he’s been beating big stars at this point. Someone needs to re-evaluate the importance of having this pointless segment, especially when he just disrupts the main event later in the evening.

Best Friends Forever?

Jericho and Owens are coming to an impasse. Credit:

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho were having a lot of fun putting Tom Brady on The List and talking about how great they are. Then there was Goldberg. Goldberg wanted a title shot at Fastlane and Chris Jericho ended up accepting on Owens’ behalf. The self-destruction of the best friends looks imminent and it probably couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. I’m almost certain that Goldberg will be taking that Universal Championship to defend against Lesnar while Owens and Jericho will probably face off for the United States Championship at Wrestlemania 33.

Owens and Jericho are entertaining, but it’s time for Owens to be his own man again. I feel like he’s lost a little of his identity and he’ll do better for himself by going off on his own. I still think his time with Jericho was incredibly valuable though. For the record, Owens helped Jericho beat Sami Zayn to retain the US title. They’ll also be having a “Festival of Friendship” next week, whatever that means.

Enzo & Cass Next in Line for Tag Titles?

2/6/2017 Raw Reaction
Enzo and Cass look like they’ll be the next in line for the tag titles. Credit:

Enzo and Big Cass had a nice ringside seat for the Raw Tag Team Championship rematch on Monday night. They also contributed to Gallows and Anderson winning. Big Cass gave Gallows a big boot after Gallows did the same to Enzo at ringside causing Cesaro and Sheamus to be disqualified. I’ve been saying for weeks that those two need something better to do than just having meaningless matches against Rusev and Mahal every week and someone finally listened (ok, they just happened to do it, no one actually listens to me).

Sloppy Reigns

2/6/2017 Raw Reaction
Roma Reigns definitely had an off-night. Credit:

Was it just me or did Roman Reigns seem really uncoordinated against Samoa Joe. I know that Joe is a bit stiff in the ring, but it seemed like it took a long time for Reigns to actually get into the match. Definitely not the quality I’ve come to expect from The Big Dog. Props to him for playing the part of the imposing face character. He kind of comes off like he’s trying to be American Bad A** Undertaker and that annoys me just a bit, but I can’t fault him for showing some character.

Angry Cruiserweights

2/6/2017 Raw Reaction
Cruiserweight gang wars are now a staple of Raw. Credit:

Is it just me or do the Cruiserweights always have a chip on their shoulder? It’s really comical to watch all their segments and see how divided the roster is between faces and heels. There’s so many of them that it’s like one big gang war. There’s an idea! Make the Cruiserweight Division a huge faction that tries to takeover Raw. Ok, maybe not, but having these guys get 20 minutes on Raw for two or three segments is too rushed to have me care about anything they’re doing. I’d prefer them to just be left on 205 Live with the way things are going.

Emmalina Next Week!

Emmalina debuts next week…hopefully. Credit:

Remember that girl that used to dance and had bubbles? Ok, remember when she turned heel and looked like she was on her way to being Women’s Champion? Well get this…she’s going to come back next week and add an extra four letters to her name to model a new line of bikinis! Well, at least that’s what her hype videos are leading me to believe. Maybe she’ll wrestle? On a serious note, Emma should have been back months ago. It’s time.

Where in the World is Dana Brooke?

2/6/2017 Raw Reaction
Dana is missing. Credit:

Oh Dana, you were doing so well and then you were gone. How the heck did Dana Brooke just suddenly fade off the face of the Earth. Dana was one of the women that I felt was really showing a lot of improvement since she has been on Raw. She had a good supporting role with Charlotte and I really enjoyed her being the evil sidekick. Charlotte started to go off on her own and we haven’t seen Dana for weeks, maybe even months. I can’t remember the last time she was on Raw. Leaving an up and coming women’s wrestler off of TV for that long doesn’t seem like the greatest idea. Hopefully we’ll see her pop up with Emma next week. Playtime is over.

The Final Word

Man, it was a pretty off-week for Raw. I had a hard time sitting through the show this week. I feel like Raw struggles with 3 hours while SmackDown struggles to fill 2. I don’t understand and I don’t know if I ever will. It wasn’t a bad show, it just wasn’t a great show either. I’m sure Rollins getting injured screwed everything up, but still.


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