On February 17th, Oasis Games, the Chinese publisher behind exciting PC and VR titles such as Naruto Online and Dying Reborn, introduces the Roman army to the popular Steam game Tiger Knight: Empire War, marking the first major update since Early Access opened in October. So far the epic action strategy PVP game has focused on the War of the Three Kingdoms between the Wei, Shu and Wu empires of China, but beginning today gamers can choose to play as the Roman army, taking advantage of the army’s fearsome well-trained, well-equipped infantry and strict organizational disciplines.

The Romans arrive to the Tiger Knight battlefield with an array of historically accurate battle tactics for players to leverage, including the legendary Testudo (tortoise) Formation. Troops can be equipped with a range of authentic battle items that include the Roman Short Sword (a broad and heavy bodied blade that’s small size and relative power is particularly suitable for use in dense formations), the Roman Shield (large enough to cover a soldiers entire body and built of multi-layered laminated wood veneer covered by leather and reinforced by metal) and the Heavy Javelin (specially designed with a sharp, narrow tip to efficiently penetrate enemy’s armor and can also be used as a short spear).

The update also includes three new battlefields inspired by Roman history:

  • Gallic Oppidum
    The Gallic Oppidum is a large fortified settlement the Romans commonly encountered during the Gallic Wars. Gaul was a sprawling area of ancient Western Europe, and this battlefield includes the area’s characteristic fertile land and running rivers.
  • Black Forest
    The vast and wild Germania was located in the northern part of the Roman Empire. Sparsely populated by Germanic tribes, this battlefield is filled with tall conifers and dense vegetation, as well as a lingering fog that can mask approaching enemies.
  • Oasis
    The Roman Empire spanned much of North Africa, including the vast Saharan desert which marked the southernmost tip of Roman territory. While mostly a harsh environment, the desert was spotted with oases that were used as outposts for the army. This battlefield is set in one of these areas, featuring a mix of sand, water, palm trees and rocky hillsides.

And if the arrival of the Romans isn’t enough to excite Tiger Knight players, this latest update also includes an overhaul of the game’s overall Battlefield functionality. Starting today the Battlefield will be divided into three parts: the primary battlefield (T1-T4), intermediate battlefield (T5-T7), and high level battlefield. Soldiers of corresponding levels are matched into the same battlefield, pairing gamers against more balanced opposition for maximum fun. These levels of soldiers are divided according to their skills, positions and numbers.


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