This week on Raw (1/30/2017), Triple H shows up to confront Seth Rollins, but he’s not alone. Brock Lesnar also makes an unlikely appearance!

Kevin Owens

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens - WWE Universal Championship Match: Raw, Jan. 30, 2017

KO is looking worse and worse as the week’s go by. In my Royal Rumble article, I talked about how he is consistently looking weak against every opponent he faces and only getting by because of interference. Now, most heels use have use these tactics, but I can’t remember the last time Kevin won a match clean. It’s insane to think that his title reign will be remembered that way. Regardless of that, Owens has been incredible in his role and has been one of the more entertaining champions in recent memory. I just wish he would have been able to show that he could win on his own at least a few times.

The trend of Owens retaining his title due to outside interference continued on Raw as Roman Reigns caused a disqualification by hitting Strowman with a Superman Punch. I actually applaud WWE for going a different direction after having Braun put Jericho through the announce table before the match. They still brought out Reigns to make sure Owens retained the title, but it was good to have a bit of a change. I also liked how they went back to what Owens said a month ago to give Strowman the title match. That’s the type of story continuity that I really appreciate. In the past, there were a lot of plot holes that drove me crazy. I feel like they really try to make sure everything makes sense in the current era.

Paul Heyman

Brock Lesnar wants to battle Goldberg one last time at WrestleMania 33: Raw, Jan. 30, 2017

I’ve always liked Brock Lesnar. He has that menacing look and when he’s in the ring, you know something big is going down. With that being said, I think I like having Paul Heyman around even more. Each time Paul cuts a promo, it feels better than the last one. He has such a creative mind for the points that he wants to get across. I truly believe this man could make you believe anything, even if you are on the complete opposite side of the argument.

Heyman talked about every great legend having one person that has their number. He made one example of Andre The Giant being undefeated for 15 years….yeah but, Hulk Hogan beat him at Wrestlemania III. He alluded to Goldberg being the “yeah but..” to Brock Lesnar. He challenged Goldberg to another match at Wrestlemania telling Goldberg that anyone would think that the odds are in his favour. Heyman then said, “yeah, but..”.

Paul Heyman had my full attention during that incredibly smart promo. It hinged on two words and it was still so compelling to listen to. I really wish that Heyman could be used for some other purposes in WWE because he’s so valuable in managerial roles and otherwise.

Enzo/Cass vs. Jinder/Rusev

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Rusev & Jinder Mahal - Tornado Tag Team Match: Raw, Jan. 30, 2017

Ok, I’m really done with this feud. How is this thing still going on? How?! It’s ridiculous. This should have been a stop-gap feud until everyone could move on to something more meaningful. There’s nothing exciting going on in this feud. It’s the same garbage every week and I’m seriously getting sick of it. All 4 of these guys deserve to be doing something much better. I think we’re going to see a lot more of this as WWE gains more and more talent. There’s just not enough for everyone to do. I just feel ike Enzo and Cass would be perfect challengers to Gallows and Anderson’s tag titles and Rusev is definitely too talented to be sitting on the undercard. Ok, my little rant is over.


Bayley attempts to mend the rift between Sheamus & Cesaro: Raw, Jan. 30, 2017

I feel like I talk about Charlotte weekly, but can you blame me? I don’t know if there’s been a better female personality in WWE over the past couple years. Part of that is the way she’s been booked, but a bigger part of that is because she is legitimately good in every aspect of the business. She single-handedly save a pretty bad backstage segment between all of the participants of the 6-person Mixed Tag Team Match that she was involved in by taking control of the promo as soon as the fans were starting to sour on it. It’s something that she’s been very good at in recent months especially. She gets a reaction out of the crowd no matter what she says because of how she says it.

Charlotte did take the pinfall from Bayley tonight and her time as champion looks to be coming to an end. I’m just not so sure it should.

Triple H

Triple H delivered one of the best promos he has ever delivered last night. He made what was a bit of a surprise appearance to address Seth Rollins. He talked about Seth spitting in his face by crying and giving up the WWE Universal Championship when he injured his knee and how when he came back he was a massive failure. He also talked about it being hard not to be the guy the ends careers and crushes dreams. It was a passionate promo and one that sounded very much off the cuff. Triple H has always been good on the mic but you forget how much when you haven’t heard him in a while.

Samoa Joe

Triple H called Rollins out to the ring and as Rollins made his way down, Samoa Joe came out of the crowd to beat him down. Now it all makes sense! Part of me was thinking about Joe as Rollins made his way to the ring. I am a little disappointed Joe isn’t on SmackDown. I’m really afraid that Raw will misuse him and that he’ll be relegated to nothing by SummerSlam. I hope that’s not the case. Once again, WWE doesn’t do what everyone wants them to do only to turn around and do something better. I really enjoyed this slight surprise and I now understand why Joe wasn’t in the Rumble.

Quick Notes

Sasha Banks refuses to come up short: Raw, Jan. 30, 2017

Sasha Banks got pinned by Nia Jax again. I’m not sure where all this is going, but could we see a Sasha heel turn down the line?

Tony Nese picked up a pretty big win against Mustafa Ali. I could see him being in line for that Cruiserweight Championship sooner than later.


You can tell it’s Wrestlemania season. Everyone seems to have more passion right now and it shows in the great couple of shows we’ve seen from the main roster in the past couple days. I hope this pace continues because it’s been as entertaining as ever.


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