The 3/14/2017 SmackDown Rebound features our thoughts on Carmella’s statement, the insane impact that AJ Styles made, and much more!

Carmella Leaves A Path of Destruction

Becky Lynch and Natalya faced off against each other on SmackDown to end the little spat the women have a had over the past couple weeks. Becky would win this quick match with a DisArmHer. Her victory would be short lived as Carmella would appear out of nowhere to Superkick her. Carmella wasn’t done there as she did the same thing to Natalya when she got up. It was a good development heading into WrestleMania with the SmackDown Women’s Championship being defended against ever woman on the SmackDown roster.

It was nice to see Carmella come back and make a statement like she did taking out two of the best women on SmackDown in about 10 seconds. I was wondering when Carmella was going to come back and do something meaningful after being saddled with James Ellsworth for a while now. It would be amazing if James somehow helped her win the title at WrestleMania. I think that would be a pretty funny and unexpected moment in that match. I’m just glad to see Carmella back in a more dominant role considering she was so good when she first got to SmackDown and then was slowed right down after her feud with Nikki Bella.

Maryse Reveals the True Nikki Bella

If you’ve seen the newest season of Total Divas, you might have heard Maryse having some ill-will towards Nikki Bella. She elaborated on that on SmackDown by talking about how she had a contract in her hands to be on the first season of Total Divas. Nikki told her to not to sign the contract so they could get more money. The Bella Twins then ended up with new contracts with WWE while WWE rescinded Maryse’s. She also mentioned how Nikki thought she was untouchable because she was dating John Cena. I don’t know how much of this is true, but judging by the details, I believe Maryse. Nikki Bella did try to offer an alternative view, but she didn’t really have much of substance to say.

Daniel Bryan announced that Cena and Nikki will square off against Maryse and The Miz at WrestleMania. We’ve speculated this for weeks so it’s nice to have it finally announced. I think Nikki and Maryse are going to be brutal against each other, I really feel like there’s some real-life animosity there. In the same token, I feel the same way about The Miz and John Cena. The quality of this match could surprise people and I think it will be among the top matches on the card. 

Mickie Tops Alexa

Mickie James got the win over Alexa Bliss following a Mick Kick on SmackDown. They’re really making Alexa look like a bit of an underdog going into WrestleMania with everyone gunning for her. I definitely see Alexa losing the title at WrestleMania and part of me is wondering whether or not Naomi will be ready by then to come back and take her title back. I think that’s the obvious guess at this point.

As for Mickie James, I’m glad she’s a face. It was weird seeing Mickie as someone’s lackey. It just never fit her character and while it helped out out Alexa, it certainly didn’t do much for Mickie. At some point, the veterans need some love too. Not everything can be centered around the rookie stars.

Mojo Tosses Ziggler

Mojo Rawley previews The André The Giant Battle Royale by tossing Dolph Ziggler over the top rope 3 times before Ziggler took the countout loss. It was a pointless segment in all honesty.

American Alpha vs. The Usos on Free TV

The Usos and American Alpha had a match in the main event slot of SmackDown. The one problem I had about this match was that it was given away on free TV. Granted, this match wasn’t a PPV quality match, but does this mean that these two teams won’t be feuding at WrestleMania? I was really excited to see these two teams go at it so I hope this is just a preview of what’s to come.

Wyatt Reborn

Randy Orton came out touting how he stole Bray Wyatt’s power and that Bray is finally alone, the thing he fears most. Bray appeared on the TitanTron to say he thought his power was gone too until he realized that she lives on through the black hearts of her apostles. Bray rubs the ashes(the essence of Sister Abigail) and tells everyone to Follow the Buzzards.

So, can we just have a new Ministry of Darkness here? it would be perfect to have The Undertaker act as a figurehead with Wyatt and some other stars. It’ll never happen, but it’s fun to dream. I think Bray is about to take his character to a much darker level and I’m excited to see what happens.

AJ Bloodies McMahon

AJ Styles didn’t take too kindly to being snubbed out of the WrestleMania main event last week. This week, he decided to take it out on Shane McMahon. AJ attacked Shane in the parking lot and ended up putting his head through a car window. This bloodied Shane and got AJ fired…or so we thought. Shane came out at the end of the show to announce that AJ has a WrestleMania opponent…him.

Seeing AJ do something like that was completely different for his character and it was actually pretty bold for WWE to go that far with it. These two are going to have an incredibly personal feud and I think they’re going to pull out all the stops to beat the crap out of each other. I’d rather see AJ face someone else, but this isn’t a horrible decision.

The Final Word

No real complaints about SmackDown. There were a few bad segments, but most of the show was really interesting and furthered some storylines. The build to WrestleMania from the blue brand is looking pretty good right now.


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