The 3/15/2017 NXT Recoil takes a look at the Tag Team Championship situation, Sanity’s dominance, and the great title match between Roode and Ohno!

3 Teams, One Set Of Titles

The Ealy Brothers challeneged The Authors of Pain after AOP beat them down before their match last week. That lasted all of 2 minutes as AOP made short work of them. Those brothers seem to have potential and I’d like to see more of what they can do once they’re further along in their development.

After that, we had all 3 teams state their case before William Regal came out to announce that The Revival, DIY, and AOP will face off at Takeover: Orlando in a Triple Threat Elimination Match for the NXT Tag Team Championships. This was an obvious choice, but a good one nonetheless. Each team brings something different to the table and all three are exciting in their own ways. For once, I really feel like any one of these teams could win the match. It’s that kind of unpredictability that will make for some great moments at Takeover.

Asuka Is The Sun

The moon never shines brighter than the Sun. Asuka is the Sun to Ember Moon, or so she says. She talked about no one being ready for her and how they should rename the NXT Women’s Championship the Asuka Title. This was a very confident video package from Asuka and part of me thinks she’s slowly becoming a heel with her attitude. It’s one of those things where I don’t think she’ll be a full heel because people like her too much, but she’s had more of an edge over the past few months and that’s been cool to see. I do wish she’d show up on NXT TV more often, though. I feel like we only see her once a month.

Black Debuting Soon

I’m not sure what to make of these promos, but the former Tommy End is coming soon to NXT.

Sanity Continues To Rule

Nikki Cross made quick work of Macey Estrella with no less than 3 Swinging Fisherman’s Neckbreakers. Dillinger and No Way José then came out to attack Sanity, but the numbers game was too much and the ended up left in a heap once again. I like that dominance being shown by Sanity. There has been very little back and forth in this feud. Sanity is the superior team thus far and they’re showing it. I do think Roderick Strong is going to come back and be a major part of this feud, but I see Sanity ultimately standing tall. I think they have more to gain from looking strong against this team of spare parts. I’m not taking anything away from Strong, José, or Dillinger, I love all three. I just think Sanity needs to remain a solid unit to be most successful. Next week all 6 men will face off in a tag team match.

Lorcan Stands Up For Ho Ho Lun

Andrade Almas was bullying Ho Ho Lun at the Performance Center when Oney Lorcan stepped in to defend him. Lorcan said he hates bullies and told Almas to try bullying him. Almas and Lorcan will square off next week on NXT. It’s great to see Oney Lorcan getting an opportunity on NXT TV that could actually lead to something. He’s one of the hardest-hitting stars in NXT and his style is something that gets the crowd really excited in short order.

Roode Prevails

I don’t think anyone expected Kassius Ohno to win his match against Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship, and he didn’t What Ohno did was show everyone that he belongs at the top of NXT and that he’s going to be a major player in the coming months. The two had a solid back and forth match and they were given quite a bit of time to take the crowd through a great match. I enjoyed this one for what it was and I think that these two could have a great Takeover match down the line. It’ll be Nakamura vs. Roode for the NXT Championship at Takeover: Orlando.

The Final Word

This was a decent episode of NXT. We got a lengthy title matches and the bulk of Takeover: Orlando has taken shape. As with most weeks, NXT does a lot with a little time and continue to be the show to beat.


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