The 3/21/2017 SmackDown Rebound focuses on The Usos taking home championship gold, Dean Ambrose getting some revenge on Baron Corbin, and much more!

The Usos Grab Tag Team Gold

There is something about The Usos and American Alpha. These two teams just click so well and have some of the best matches. They weren’t even given a ton of time on SmackDown and they still had an incredibly entertaining back and forth match with a few near-falls. Sometimes teams just mesh together well and these two seem to do just that. I would love to see a rematch at WrestleMania between them.

The Usos have really done a great job reinventing themselves since turning heel. They have so much more personality now that they’re having a run as bad guys. The biggest problem is that they’re so hard to hate because they’re legitimately funny and entertaining. I really thought that they might be on their last legs in the middle of last year when it was the same old stuff, but they proved me wrong. I’m glad that they did because they’re one of the most talented teams on the roster and they can put on good technical, high-flying, or brawling matches. They can do it all and they definitely deserve to hold the titles.

American Alpha never really caught on much with their title reign. It wasn’t that they weren’t putting on good matches, but more that they weren’t connecting enough with the audience. I think the hard part about that is that the SmackDown Tag Division is rather weak and they tore through it pretty easily, there just wasn’t much left for them to accomplish. This certainly won’t be the end for them and I think we’ll see many great matches in the years to come out of American Alpha.

Ambrose Gets Revenge

Dean Ambrose finally got some measure of revenge of SmackDown costing Corbin his match with Randy Orton by standing on some forklift forks for the distraction. Ambrose then gave Corbin Dirty Deeds before confirming their Intercontinental Championship match at WrestleMania. This will likely be a gimmick match of some sort, I think it needs that because I don’t know that the match would be that great otherwise. I’m hopin Corbin takes the title, but I have my reservations on whether that will happen or not. I like both guys, so I’m sure the match will be decent, but i’m not that excited about it.

Totals Bellas By Miz & Maryse

The Miz and Maryse did some pretty funny skits as “deleted scenes” from Total Bellas. They poked fun at John Cena not marrying Nikki and the way that Nikki talks. They also made fun of the serious demeanor that Cena always has. They were pretty good skits and it was nice to see something outside the box in this feud that didn’t involve a promo battle. To their credit, Cena and Nikki saw the humour in them too as noted on Talking Smack and basically rehashed the same stuff they’ve said before.

John Cena also had a quick win over Fandango who had his valet, Breezy Bella out there with him which was hilarious to see. Nikki and Cena then both did their finishers to each man as they stood tall once again. I respect Tyler Breeze a lot for taking such a strange cross-dressing role for the night. That guy really deserves to be doing so much more. As for Cena and Nikki, it really feels like this is going to set up something big between them at WrestleMania. Maybe he will actually propose? I think that would just add to the questions of legitimacy of their relationship, though.

Shane Puts AJ Through A Table

AJ Styles waited for Shane McMahon in the parking lot again. This time, Shane was tipped off and instead went in through an alternate route and went to the ring. AJ would then come out to confront him before Shane started beating him down and ultimately took a Leap of Faith on AJ through a table. This is the type of feud I like to see because it really feels like these two guys hate each other. It’s hard to replicate those feelings when you don’t actually feel that but AJ has done a fantastic job making it seem like he despises Shane. Now the feeling seems mutual between both men. 

I fear for these guys in this match. Both men are fearless and both will do anything to entertain a crowd. I think that Shane will have a hard time keeping up with AJ, but I honestly think it will be one of the most entertaining bouts of the night.

Quick Notes

Randy Orton got a message from Bray Wyatt in the form of being held hostage by sheep men. Bray said that Abigail was now inside him and that he’s stronger than he ever imagined. This is the Wyatt that everyone loved and it will be the Wyatt that is the most effective at drawing a crowd. I’m happy he’s regained some of his identity. I think big things are on the horizon for him.

Alexa Bliss stood tall to the SmackDown Women’s Division. I think Naomi will come back to claim her championship at WrestleMania, but I still hold hope that Alexa will retain.

The Final Word

SmackDown had a decent show, not great, but decent. It went downhill from the first segment and never really recovered. I don’t like a lot of the feuds so it’s really coming down to personal preference. It was still miles ahead of Raw this week but there’s room for improvement.



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