The 3/27/2017 Raw Reaction features thought on the Raw Women’s Championship picture, Undertaker warning Reigns, and a whole lot more!

Raw’s WrestleMania Women

Bayley came out on Raw to address the Elimination Match for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. I feel a lot better about this match now that it’s an Elimination Match. There’s a lot more story-telling that can go on in that type of match. Depending on who eliminates who, it can set up new feuds or someone can interfere and get someone eliminated. The possibilities are endless and the match itself looks like it’s going to be a pretty difficult one to call. I would hope that Bayley retains the title, but since they’ve been quick to throw the title around lately, I could see someone like Nia pulling out the victory. I just feel like something big must happen in this match which leads me to my next point…

Charlotte made her way out to talk about how she’d still be champion if it wasn’t for Sasha Banks and how she’d stab Bayley in the back just like she did Charlotte in 2015. Once again, I love this nods to the past between these women. Seeing what they’ve been through before makes me care more about what they’re doing together now. Sasha Banks came out to defend herself saying that what she and Bayley have is real friendship. We’ll see how real it is at WrestleMania. For what it’s worth, Sasha did say that she’d beat Bayley for the title so there isn’t any love lost there.

Nia Jax talked about being tired of the high school drama between the other 3 girls and how they trade the title between them. She said that after WrestleMania, the title would have a permanent home. The ladies then fought before having a tag team match won by Sasha and Bayley. Nia then attacked everyone involved in the match and stood tall. As much as I’d love to see Nia as champion, I don’t want it to happen at WrestleMania. I want there to be some anticipation to her being champion like there was supposed to be with Bayley. They ruined that chance and they have another good one here with another talented woman. Best-case scenario is that Sasha turns heel and steals the title out from everybody or that Bayley retains despite everything.

Rollins Ready for WrestleMania

Seth Rollins and Triple H got together on Raw to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement to have an unsanctioned match at WrestleMania. Triple H talked a lot about people being jealous of money, fame, and power. He talked about taking what you want and screw everyone else. It was very much the message that Triple H has driven home his whole career as a heel. I really wish that we would see more of Triple H in a managerial role or something because his promos always drive his points home so well.

Rollins said that he liked the person he was before he met Triple H and sold his soul for the WWE Championship. He talked about this being about redemption and not about just one match. I do wonder if Seth Rollins will re-align with Triple H at WrestleMania to shock us all. I mean how crazy would that type of a heel turn be? I don’t think it will happen, but I could see it. The more likely scenario will see Mick Foley interfere to give Rollins the victory after being fired last week on Raw. I’m more interested in who will be the next GM of Raw, I mean, there isn’t one right now.

Battle Royale Preview

The Raw talent in the Andre The Giant Battle Royale at WrestleMania went and had a quick Battle Royale Match on Raw. The majority of the talent eliminated The Big Show over the tope rope. He then came back in the ring and destroyed everyone. Braun Strowman then came out and said he could destroy Big Show right now, but that’s what everyone would want. He does things on his own terms and will wait until WrestleMania. I think this will be the passing of the torch between giants as this is probably The Big Show’s last WrestleMania. I feel bad that the whole Shaq thing fell through because Show really prepared well to have that match. He looks better than ever.

Sami Zayn also qualified for the match by defeating Kevin Owens in a No Disqualification Match after Chris Jericho took everyone out with a chair. I wish Sami had something better to do, but it just doesn’t seem like anyone sees his value right now. He would fare much better on SmackDown and I’m about done with having him on Raw to just hover around without anything really going on. He deserves to do so much more.

Undertaker Warns Reigns

I have loved the edge that Roman Reigns has had lately. He’s starting to embrace the hatred that some of the fans have for him. Instead of giving politically correct promos, he’s starting to tell everyone that he’s the man, this is his ring, and he’s not afraid of dead men. Those are interesting words. He’s kind of a tweener right now, he’s not good, he’s not bad. I think that’s the best thing for him. Like Reigns or not, he’s going to be the face of the company.

This may well be the end for The Undertaker. It’s been said online that his hip may be bothering him, so I wonder if this is his last WrestleMania. I mean, he did say he was coming back in November and then nothing until WrestleMania season again. I just wish he would have been able to face John Cena once at Mania before he retires for good. It’s crazy to see guys like Triple H, Undertaker, Big Show, and Kane starting to wind down their careers at this point. WWE won’t be the same without them.

Quick Notes

I’m not excited for Goldberg vs. Lesnar at all. Can you blame me? We’re wasting a spot a top title on a match that will probably last 5 minutes. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s not a WrestleMania main event. If it closes the show, I’m going to be annoyed. If Goldberg ends up retaining the title, I’ll be even more annoyed. I like Goldberg, but I now think the title didn’t need to be involved.

The Raw Tag Team Championship Match may just become a Ladder Match if the attacks with the ladder on Raw were any indication. None of these teams are high-flyers so I don’t get that concept at all. I think they just thought Mania needed one match with ladders. Strange.

The Cruiserweights…well, at least there’s Aries and Neville. I like most of these guys, but they just don’t really need to be on Raw as I’ve said a thousand times. They’re not given enough time to do anything meaningful.’

The Final Word

The go-home Raw was a pretty good show. They focused on the main feuds and didn’t have a ton of filler content. I thought it was one of the better Raws in recent memory. On to WrestleMania!!


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