Shalimar, FL, March 20, 2017 After captivating attendees at CES & GDC with its incredibly versatile wireless wearable controller, CaptoGlove today announced the presale of the product through Kickstarter.  Starting today, early backers can purchase the revolutionary device for $160 (35% off $250 MSRP) and receive delivery of the glove this May.

After 5 years of development, CaptoGlove made its public debut at CES 2017 & last month’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC).  Attendee reactions and live demos can be seen on their YouTube channel.   Using a series of smart sensors, CaptoGlove delivers unparalleled precision for controlling video games, smart phones, virtual reality gear, drones, unmanned systems, smart home products and more.

“The human hand is the greatest controller in the world,” said Paolo Trotta CEO of CaptoGlove.  “With CaptoGlove you can now extend that natural precision, response time and efficiency across a wide variety of tasks and devices.”

Platform/Device Agnostic

CaptoGlove works with all PC games past and present, iOS & Android devices, as well as VR headsets, and many more smart/Bluetooth devices.  Gaming console and haptic feedback support currently under development. 

Plug & Play

Connecting via Bluetooth Low Energy, CaptoGlove does not require a specially prepared area or additional equipment such as trackers or cameras.  By converting natural hand movements into control gestures (up to 20 per glove or 40 with a pair), CaptoGlove has tremendous control capabilities and a very short learning curve.  All gestures are completely customizable through the free iOS/Android/PC app.

Versatile Applications

With its smart design and upcoming SDK release, CaptoGlove offers a wealth of potential uses beyond gaming from health rehabilitation and smart device control, to piloting drones and professional training such as police, first responders, pilots, doctors, etc.


Textile developed in Italy with world-renowned sports glove maker Reusch, CaptoGlove is a comfortable, breathable glove made from high quality textiles that can be washed by removing a single sensor.  CaptoGlove delivers 10 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge.


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