LOS ANGELES (Mar. 1, 2017) – SQUARE ENIX®’s multiplayer RPG GUARDIAN CODEX adds even more content for mobile gamers in a massive update with an extended storyline and enhancements to cooperative multiplayer mode, the home screen and visuals. Available now for iOS and Android devices, the update adds hours of new content for players of all skill levels.

The version 1.1.0 update includes:

●     Additional Storyline – Two new scenarios expand the narrative, and are unlocked after the completion of certain events.

●     Improved Recruitment Screen – The multiplayer recruitment screen now displays the strength of players’ Guardians, in-game progress, magic stone enhancement values, equipment details and unlocked trophies.

●     Gear Ranks – Design improvements make it easier for players to gauge the quality of their equipment. Main and sub slots for equipped gear are now shown on a five-step scale ranging from S to D, with overall rank value displayed next to the combined total for each of the slot effects.

●     Trophy System – Trophies can be acquired upon completion of Mighty Boss event sites as a host player, and can be viewed on the new Home Screen.

●     Updated Home Screen – Lynn, a member of the Resistance who guides players through the game, now appears on the Home screen.

guardian codex


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