The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire has begun! Read about our thoughts on how Nintendo’s follow up to the hit competitive shooter, Splatoon, stacks up!

When Nintendo released Splatoon on Wii U a few years ago, it was a great new IP that was refreshing to play. There was nothing else like it on the market. After playing Splatoon 2, I find it hard to see the differences to justify calling this a brand new game in the series. It seems more like Splatoon Deluxe. Don’t get me wrong, Splatoon 2 is still a fun experience at its core. I’ve enjoyed the matches I’ve gotten to play, but I expect a lot more than what I’ve seen to justify calling it a new game. There should be some new gameplay mechanics or features and I’ve yet to really see anything that notable.

I’ve read a lot of people talking about how they had a lot of connection issues when trying to join a match. I’ll say that I didn’t really have any issues in the 5 or 6 matches that I was able to play in the hour time limit that I had. I will say that I did try it on Saturday, so it’s possible that Nintendo ironed out those issues. Either way, it’s expected to have some hiccups at first. I don’t expect a TON of issues at launch considering the Wii U was pretty stable even with the release of popular games like Mario Kart 8 and the original Splatoon.

Splatoon 2 Global Testfire
The Tenta Missiles are just one of the new special weapons in Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2 is certainly a fun game and it’s still very different from anything else out there, but is there anything new? Well, kind of. There are new features like an ink jetpack which is really cool and is a perfect addition to the game. There are also new weapons, new abilities, and new maps. Even with those additions, it still feels like an upgraded port of Splatoon. You’re not getting much more here than could be offered in a simple DLC pack and this is going to be a $60USD/$80CAD game. That’s a lot of money to pay for something that is only a marginal upgrade.

Splatoon 2 definitely feels like a much smoother experience on the Switch and it performs better than the original did on the Wii U. That’s definitely a positive considering there’s a lot going on on screen at any one time. I didn’t have any lag or any issues like that. The visuals are beautiful and everything performs as it should whether the console is docked or in handheld mode. This game will be pretty awesome to take with you on the go (provided you have a wifi connection for online multiplayer).

Splatoon 2 Global Testfire
Splatoon 2 keeps the quirky cartoon characters and vibrant colours.

By default, the controls are set to motion controls, but I turned them off. It was incredibly awkward to aim your joycon at who you wanted to shoot. I don’t think that’s something that anyone who wants to excel at the game will be using. I turned it off as soon as I could in the options menu. I would not have enjoyed this game had I been forced to use the motion controls.

In the end, Splatoon 2 was still a fun experience, but those expecting sweeping improvements will be disappointed. It’s the same crazy experience you had before with some minor improvements and additions here and there. Keep in mind, this is only a test run and there could be a lot of stuff that Nintendo is keeping under wraps. As of right now, I won’t be grabbing this one on launch, there just isn’t enough on offer here to justify calling it a new game. Big Splatoon fans may have a differing opinion, but I’m just as happy with the original as I would be with this.



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