FYIG has the chance to play a new game from Romans I XVI Gaming this past week. Find out if this 2D puzzle game is worth taking a look at in our Tiles Review!

Release Date March 20th, 2017 (PC) / February 20 2018 (PS4/XBO)
Genre Puzzle
Platforms PC/PS4/XBO
Developer Romans I XVI Gaming
Price $3.99 US
ESRB Rating Everyone
Players 1 Player


*A copy of this game was provided to FYIG for review purposes*

Tiles is a 2D puzzle game from Romans I XVI Gaming available for Steam. The game is simple enough with your goal being to move your square across the tiles to the goal. It seems like a pretty normal game, but it gets crazy in a hurry as it starts to test your reflexes.

The levels are pretty short and the goal is to complete them as quickly as possible. The tiles are colour-coded in an easy to understand manner with the starting point coloured green and the end point coloured in red. Those aren’t the only types of tiles as blue tiles also appear in between the start and end points. These tiles disappear when you move over them. If you move too slowly, you have to restart the puzzle. To finish each puzzle, you have to get rid of all the blue tiles before moving to the red tile.

Tiles Review
Some of the many puzzles included in Tiles.

If this all sounds easy to you, that’s because it is, but it doesn’t last. The game gets you into the groove before introducing you to some new tile types. Lighter blue tiles come in and must be crossed twice to be eliminated which requires you to map your movements carefully. Yellow tiles disappear and reappear at the start of the level while purple tiles give you back a bit of sanity by being permanently placed.

Tiles is different from most puzzle games in that the game emphasizes speed and reflexes. Most puzzle games give you the ability to think about something before you do it, but Tiles requires you to think quickly or be forced to re-do the level. A split-second is often the difference between completing a level and having to do it over again. The good thing about that is that each level is fairly quick and you don’t feel like your losing much time by re-doing it. 

Tiles Review
There’s even a local multiplayer component if you feel like competing against a friend.

Not only do you need to be fast, but you need to somewhat memorize the patterns of the yellow tiles and reach them in the correct amount of time. This can be somewhat frustrating as one extra key press can be the difference between being successful and failing the level. I found my finger going faster than my mind at times and that was when I started really having some trouble.

The interesting thing about Tiles is that it’s not very easy to play with a controller. If you try to play with a controller, you likely won’t be able to press the buttons fast enough to get through the more difficult puzzles. I found the directional keys on the keyboard much more responsive and easier to utilize. There’s little margin for error and the precision of the keys is almost a necessity.


Tiles Review
Tiles includes the ability for players to create their own puzzles for others to solve.

In addition to the 90 levels in Tiles, there’s also a level editor included in the game. Some of these levels are even more challenging than the stock levels in the game. The levels even have ratings for difficulty and players have the ability to upvote and favourite levels they enjoy. There’s even a 4-player local multiplayer component to the game. I didn’t really spend any time with this portion, but it’s there for those that want it.

Pros Cons
Level Editor is really cool Hard to play with a controller
4-player local multiplayer  
Challenging puzzles  


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