The 4/10/2017 Raw reaction features the first day of the Superstar Shake-Up with many new faces appearing on Raw making way for new feuds!

The Miz, Maryse & Dean Ambrose Come To Raw

The Miz and Maryse came out in their usual John Cena and Nikki Bella disguises on Monday Night Raw as the newest Raw Superstars. I already like how they’re doing this, it’s much more exciting than the Draft to see stars just showing up. They talk about Nikki and Cena being robotic and say they’re coming to Raw. This brought out Dean Ambrose as the next star that moved from SmackDown to Raw. 

Ambrose said that it was nice to see friendly faces on Raw and congratulated “Cena and Nikki” on their engagement. He then went on to say that Miz and Maryse were the worst. This went on for a few minutes where Ambrose thought he was talking to Cena and Nikki until Miz revealed that it wasn’t them. Ambrose then said “in that case..” and proceeded to hit Miz with Dirty Deeds.

I hope this is only for one night, we’ve already seen stuff between these two before and I don’t think they gel that well together. It’s nice to see the change of scenery for both men, they had done pretty much everything on SmackDown Live. I like that Raw has one of the original WWE titles. I feel like each show should have one title that has been in the company for decades.

The Revival Shatters The New Day

If you haven’t heard, Kofi Kingston broke his ankle during last week’s assault from The Revival. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but they’re really running with it. Big E and Xavier ended up bringing out a blow-up doll with dreadlocks as Kofi. They never cease to amaze me with the crazy things they come up with. The Revival would come out for an impromptu match between the teams. The Revival had a “We broke Kofi’s ankle” shirt and an, “RIP Pops Bike” shirt after destroying that last week.

These two teams had a pretty good match and I’m enjoying this feud already. With all the comedy that The New Day do, you can easily forget how good they are in the ring. Sure, they’re entertaining, but they have a lot more going for them than that. The Revival would disrupt The Midnight Hour and hit a Shatter Machine as Woods came off the top rope. That move looks incredible no matter how it’s executed. I hope they don’t push The Revival to the titles right away. They have a bad habit of doing that with NXT talent and sometimes they have nothing for them, like American Alpha.

Perkins Turns On Aries

Neville got in the head of TJ Perkins telling him that Austin Aries was being given the opportunities that had previously gone to Perkins. Perkins would later beat Aries with a distraction from Neville. As he turned his back on Perkins, TJ would come back in and start assaulting Aries. This was one of the better segments between the Cruiserweights in recent memory. It was a less is more thing. There was a reason for Perkins to be resentful of Aries, so he attacked him. I’m a big fan of these logical stories that WWE has been creating lately. There are no loose ends and that’s how it should be.

Kurt Likes Rollins, Joe Does Not

Seth Rollins talked about the toll things took on him and the rough time he’ll have when Stephanie McMahon returns on Raw. He made it clear he wouldn’t take the easy way out and go to SmackDown Live. Kurt Angle came out and said he saw something special in Rollins and that as long as he’s GM, he’ll always have a place on Raw. Samoa Joe then came out and the two brawled before Joe back off up the ramp.

I think Seth still has plenty of things left to do on Raw and everything he’s done in the past 6 months proves you can have a top guy still do something relevant while staying out of the title picture. We’ve gotten back to a point where no one will be tired of seeing Rollins as champion and we’ll all be ready for it. I think they’ve handled his character very well and haven’t shoved him down the audience’s throats too much. I think he can have a great feud with Joe and I’m excited to see what those two can do. It’ll be an underrated feud for sure.

Nia Slays The Queen & The Champ, Mickie & Alexa Arrive

Charlotte was defeated by Nia Jax in a fairly one-sided match. We haven’t seen that much from Charlotte so I have to believe she’ll be on SmackDown Live tomorrow evening. If anyone needs a change, it’s Charlotte. She had one of the best WWE debuts of anyone I’ve ever seen and has already held the Raw Women’s Championship a handful of times. She has nothing left to prove on Raw and could use some new competition to provide some interesting matches. Considering she made Raw watchable on nights that it wasn’t very good, this will be a pretty big loss. It’s pure speculation right now, but I can’t see it not happening. 

Alexa Bliss came out to stake her claim in the Raw Women’s Championship picture after Sasha was about to do the same.. She received a big pop from the crowd and really commanded all the attention. I’ve been a big fan of Alexa on SmackDown Live and I think she has a great opportunity on Raw. Alexa was interrupted by Mickie who was, in turn, assaulted by Nia Jax whoe ran through Sasha and Bayley while ignoring Alexa. It seems that Nia is finally entering the title picture and proving her dominance. I think there’s a lot that can be done with that. WWE hasn’t had a woman like Nia in a long time and she could be someone who has a believable long reign. 

The Raw Women’s Division got a lot more interesting in short order.

Wyatt Is Here

Bray Wyatt made his Raw debut on the Tron after Finn Balor’s victory over to say that he’s watching Balor and that Raw is his new home. This one surprised me a little bit. I think Wyatt had a lot left in the tank on SmackDown Live. I am interested on what a feud with Balor might become though. Those two supernatural powers could present some unique situations for audiences and I’d bet WWE already has some ideas up their sleeves for that one. This all but confirms that Wyatt will lose his match against Orton at Payback. I really hate when outcomes are spoiled like that even when they’re obvious.

Zayn Gets A Win

Sami Zayn got a sneaky victory over The Miz on Raw with a victory roll after evading the Skull Crushing Finale. It was nice to see Sami get a victory in what may be his last night on Raw. I think he’d do better over on SmackDown Live than he has on Raw and there’s not better time to have that happen.

Strowman Destroys Reigns

Braun Strowman interrupted an interview between Roman Reigns and Michael Cole. He didn’t just do that, though. Strowman put Reigns through a table, Powerslammed him on a case, rammed a case into him against a wall, ran his stretcher off a loading dock with Reigns on it, and tipped over the ambulance Reigns was in. It was the craziest segment I’ve seen on Raw in a long time and it was the perfect way to please the fans who hate Roman for “retiring” The Undertaker. As for Strowman, you can’t look much stronger than that. Could he be headed to SmackDown Live?

The Hardys, Cesaro & Sheamus Get The Victory

This match was all for the fans as The Hardys won it with the Twist of Fate/Swanton Bomb combo. Not much to say here. No Enzo and Cass makes me wonder if they’re heading to SmackDown Live. It would make sense considering Rhyno and Slater came to Raw.

Dana Stands Alone

Emma told Dana to come with her and Dana responded that she’s not anyone’s protegé anymore. She said that she “may not be the best, but she’s making strides and learning to stand on her own two feet”. If you’ve followed Dana at all, you know that a lot of fans have given her a hard time anytime she makes a mistake. This was very much directed at them and it was so perfectly put. She’s not the best, but she tried every night to get better and she has. She’ll continue to improve and I believe that she’s ready for bigger things.

Champion vs. Champion

4/10/2017 Raw
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We had and Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion Match in the main event of Raw between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose. I guess you have to have some guys that can have some good matches since Brock isn’t around. I really don’t like putting the Universal Championship on part-timers for that reason. The fans deserve to see that title defended. It wouldn’t surprise me if Raw kept both secondary titles for that reason.

Ambrose would get the victory over Owens and Jericho came out to give him a Codebreaker. It was a good way to end Raw, but I really expected a big star to jump after that. Oh well.

List Of New Raw Stars

  • The Miz
  • Maryse
  • Apollo Crews
  • WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose
  • Heath Slater
  • Rhyno
  • Alexa Bliss
  • Kalisto
  • Mickie James
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Curt Hawkins

The Final Word

The Superstar Shake-Up was a success in my book. It gave everyone a lot of surprises and made for an unpredictable show. I’m excited for tomorrow’s reveals as well. SmackDown definitely needs some new stars to break the same old feuds up.

It’s also funny to note that “The Drifter” Elias Samson drifted onto Raw during the tag match. I could see him going from show to show for a few weeks which would be a great way of using his character. The Big Show also beat down new Raw star Curt Hawkins.


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