The 4/19/2017 NXT Recoil features my thoughts on the return of Hideo Itami and the farewell match in NXT for Tye Dillinger.

Hideo Itami Returns

Bobby Roode came out and talked about running Shinsuke Nakamura out of NXT and the crowd and Superstars not deserving to be a part of his NXT. This brought out the returning Hideo Itami who hit a GTS to a huge reaction. It looks like we have our next NXT Championship feud. The crowd starting asking “Bobby are you ok?” to the tune of “Annie are you ok?” from Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

I really hope that Hideo Itami can actually gain some momentum before getting injured this time. He’s had such bad luck in NXT and has dealt with so many injuries. In reality, he would have been on the main roster by now if not for all the issues that he has faced. I’m glad that they still have faith in him as a main event level talent. Sometimes when WWE sees someone as injury-prone, they abandon all big plans for that Superstar. It doesn’t look like the case here and I’m really looking forward to a match between these two.

Andrade “Cien” Almas Gets a Win

Andrade “Cien” Almas got a quick victory over Danny Burch who was in the UK Championship Tournament. It wasn’t a great match because these two weren’t given much time and it was pretty much a showcase for Almas. Almas will face Drew McIntyre next week as he usually does with anyone new coming to NXT. It’s almost as if WWE has him test new and returning talent because they know he guarantees a good match. It’s an interesting thing that I’ve noticed a lot since he came to NXT.

Aliyah and Liv Steal One

Aliyah and Liv Morgan faced off against Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. I think I’d be more invested in this if there was an end-game to why they’re feuding.As of right now, they’re just doing it to do it. If one team wins one week, it doesn’t matter a few weeks later when they face off again. I just don’t really see much of a point to this. There has to be some type of goal for all these ladies. The goal for Billie and Peyton was the NXT Women’s Championship. They failed at that once and never tried again. It would make all the sense in the world for them to be relentless in their pursuit of it and yet, they’re just bullying the other girls. I guess I just expect more from them and we’re not really getting anything more.

Aleister Black will be back in action next week along with a UK Championship defense from Tyler Bate against Jack Gallagher. I guess you have to have that title defended somewhere. It is worth noting that a weekly UK television show is coming soon to the WWE Network. Hopefully, that doesn’t bomb as bad as 205 Live is, but I have a feeling it’ll be even worse.

Dillinger’s Goodbye

There aren’t many people who are as synonymous with NXT as Tye Dillinger. Tye has been there for years and has become one of the most beloved characters in NXT. He’s been embroiled in a feud with Sanity over the last few months and that feud finally came to a head on this week’s NXT as Tye battled Eric Young inside a Steel Cage. Tye won the match after Kassius Ohno and Roderick Strong evened the odds against Sanity. He would then lock all of Sanity inside the cage as he celebrated.

It was a fitting end for Tye in NXT. I really expected for Eric Young to get the victory and for Sanity to continue their stranglehold on NXT, but that didn’t happen. In the end, it was the right thing and it was a great send-off for the Perfect 10.

The Final Word

It was an alright week on NXT with a cage match and the return of Itami, but I felt like the rest of the show was utterly pointless. Next week’s show is jam-packed with quality, so I can’t be too mad about half of this show being filler content.


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