The 4/24/2017 Raw features Alexa Bliss getting the last shot before her Payback match while Bray Wyatt makes his own statement!

The Highlight Reel or MizTV or The Ambrose Asylum?

Chris Jericho started out the show with The Highlight Reel and talked about how Kevin Owens was more the hemorrhoid of America than the face of it. The came The Miz. Then came Ambrose. Chris ended up bringing up the fact that Dean owed him $15000 for the jacket he destroyed and Dean gave him a new one with Christmas lights on it. Ambrose gave Miz Dirty Deeds and Maryse ended up making The List. It really couldn’t have been a better opening segment and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Later in the night, Jericho took Ambrose off The List only to put him back on when he walked away. Those two together are almost as good as Owens and Jericho were at times. The whole night, we were waiting to hear who The Miz’s tag team partner would be. Miz seemed confident after receiving a piece of paper telling him who his partner is, but when Miz tried to introduce him, he didn’t show up. It wasn’t until later when Bray Wyatt showed up to take out everyone including Miz. So was that his partner? If so, that was one of the biggest let-downs ever. I just didn’t see the value in that segment at all and once again, WWE builds anticipation for something we’ve all seen before many times.

Mutual Respect?

Matt Hardy defeated Sheamus for the Hardys’ second victory in as many weeks over Cesaro and Sheamus. The big story was that Sheamus pushed Jeff away at one point in the match which led to him going up on the apron and Matt Hardy getting the win. Cesaro would react negatively to this after the match before both men raised Matt and Jeff’s arms.

It really seems like this is going to lead to Cesaro and Sheamus snapping and taking out The Hardys. I can see that happening as early as next week. It’s one of those things where only so much can happen before their characters fight back. If it does turn their team into a good heel tag team, I’ll be completely fine with that. I think both Cesaro and Sheamus would be a lot more entertaining as heels. Both men seem more comfortable in that role and that would leave a nice opening for a team like Gallows and Anderson to turn face. This feud is going to benefit them a lot.

Aries Wins Again

Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher defeated TJ Perkins and Neville on Raw after a Discus Five Arm for the pin. It looks as though we’ll be seeing Aries win that Cruiserweight Championship sooner rather than later. He’s had a ton of momentum lately and it really seems like they want to build the whole division around him and Neville. I really wonder if we’ll even see a Cruiserweight Division by this time next year. With 205 Live doing so bad on the WWE Network, it really doesn’t seem like it has much of a chance. I think a lot of people just feel they see all of the important things on Raw and anything they don’t is recapped there anyways. I know that’s what I do. I’ve never watched an episode of 205 Live because it just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t like many of the characters and I feel like it’s always the same 6 or 7 people at the top anyways. I would take away 205 Live and add a third hour to SmackDown and have the Cruiserweight featured on both shows. I think that solution makes the most sense.

Kalisto Wins, Leaves in Ambulance

Kalisto faced off against Braun Strowman in a Dumpster Match of all things which involves throwing your opponent in a dumpster. There hasn’t been many of these in the history of WWE and it’s obvious why that is. Kalisto debuted a new theme song which is more of a rock song while still having the “Lucha” part for the fans to chant. He also came out with new attire and a new mask that looks more like Kane’s mask than a luchador. I really feel like they’re trying to make Kalisto a new-age Rey Mysterio Jr. and those are tough shoes to fill.

Kalisto beat Strowman by dropkicking him off the apron and into the dumpster. That’s the only reason they had this match. It was a way for Strowman to lose without being pinned. It’s smart, but it doesn’t do much for Kalisto. Strowman still beat him down after the match with little resistance. He even pushed him off the stage in the dumpster and made him leave in an ambulance. Now, back in the day, the stage was a good height. It was at least a 5 or 6-foot drop to the floor so something like this looked menacing. It’s not like that anymore. The stage is only 2-3 feet above the floor so it’s not like it would hurt anybody if they did get thrown off. But, WWE wants you to think it would! I thought this whole segment was ridiculously stupid.

Wyatt’s Message

Bray kept talking about how bad the House of Horrors would be for Randy as he has for weeks. No matter how good it is, it will likely be a let down with how much it has been promoted as the craziest thing we’ve ever seen. The weirdest thing is that it’s not for the WWE Championship. That tells me that Bray Wyatt will be winning already. I really hate when they spoil matches in this kind of a way. The end of Raw certainly didn’t make him look weak.

Emma’s Watching

Dana Brooke beat Alicia Fox in a 1-minute match after a Michinoku Driver. Emma would come into the ring and hug Dana afterward before leaving. Not sure what’s going to happen between these two, but a feud is most likely. I have a feeling that Dana will somehow side with Emma again though. I would much prefer her actually being given an opportunity to be in the ring for more than 2 minutes each week.

Enzo Out, Finn In

Samoa Joe, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson attacked Enzo and Big Cass before their scheduled 6-man tag match which also included Seth Rollins. Rollins would come down to even the odds after Gallows and Anderson had already hit the Magic Killer on Enzo out on the floor. This would take Enzo out of the match and add Finn Balor to it. Balor is used as a surprise nearly every week and it’s amazing how the crowd still seems shocked every time.

Seth Rollins would win the match for his team with a new finishing move that was a simple knee to the face. I’m not sure what we’re calling it, but I’m glad he’s not continuing to use The Pedigree. I think that should remain with Triple H and it wouldn’t have made sense for Seth to continue using a move from a guy he despises. This match was decent, but it wasn’t particularly useful for anyone. Payback is this Sunday and I still feel kind of lost as to what the matches even are. I think the shake-up hasn’t helped that fact.

Alexa Gets The Last Shot

Alexa Bliss came out on Raw to basically talk about how ridiculous the Raw Women’s Divison is and how they’re always talking about what they want or being happy go lucky about being in WWE. She even turned the “What?” chants around on the crowd. Bayley would come out to defend herself against Alexa and didn’t really do a great job of it with Alexa saying she was going to take her title and humiliate her in front of her family on Sunday. This would bring out Sasha who always seems to have to talk for Bayley. I really wonder if they don’t trust Bayley enough to do her own promos out there. It’s something I’ve really started to notice. All this is likely leading to a Sasha/Bayley feud over the Summer which I’m all for, but we’ll see.

All of this would lead to a match between Sasha and Alexa which Sasha won by count out after Alexa left the ring. Alexa acted as if she was running to the back before getting a cheap shot in on Bayley. I don’t think she has much of a chance of winning on Sunday, but I would love to see Alexa win the title. I also prefer seeing Bayley chase the title rather than holding it. That’s mostly because of how poorly she’s been booked during her reign. They’ve diminished her ability and made it seem as though she’s not good enough to do it on her own. Yes, it’s a storyline and it will likely lead to Bayley having a magical journey to regain the title in the second half of the year after she eventually loses it, but it doesn’t change how I feel right now.

Apollo Crews Joins The Curt Hawkins Star Factory

Apollo Crews beat Curt Hawkins in a 2-minute match being the latest Superstar to join his star factory. If he doesn’t get rewarded for all these losses at some point, that’ll be a shame. For the 5 minutes of TV he gets a week, he’s highly entertaining. Titus O’Neil came out to take credit for Apollo’s win and I’ll be watching to see how this possible partnership goes. I think those two could be good for each other.

The Universal Championship

I just wanted to say that it still exists in case anyone forgot. What happened to the 30-day rule? They stripped Naomi on SmackDown for it, but Lesnar can hold it for however long he wants? I doubt he’ll make an appearance before the 30 days are up.

The Final Word

I liked this edition of Raw. The biggest problem for me is the fact that Bray Wyatt of all people was the big surprise everyone was waiting for. I love Bray, but this didn’t even really make any sense. The show was solid and I felt like they got to every important storyline, I just feel like the shake-up has some loose ends to be tied before Raw gets back to normal.


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