The 4/5/2017 NXT Recoil features my thoughts on Peyton Royce vs. Aliyah, El Vagabundo, and the entertaining Heavy Machinery!

The Iconic Duo Prevail Again

Peyton Royce (accompanied by Billie Kay) took on Aliyah on this week’s edition of NXT. It’s always weird to me how we’ll see Aliyah once every month or so. She seems to have some new addition to her character each time. On this night, she’d have yet another new theme song. I think this is the third new theme song that she’s had. I’m not really sure they know what to do with her character at this point. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with her and I wouldn’t mind seeing her become more of a regular on TV.

Peyton Royce would win a 5-minute match after a Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex. I was really impressed with a submission she did with Aliyah in the ropes that I can’t even describe at this time. Billie and Peyton continue to be highly entertaining anytime they make an appearance on NXT TV. I’m really looking forward to an eventual feud between these girls as I think that would be the best way for each woman to go her separate way when the time comes.

Caution: Heavy Machinery

The poor Bollywood Boyz got the unfortunate privilege of going up against Heavy Machinery on NXT and didn’t fare too well. I really enjoy seeing the different power moves that Otis and Tucker are coming up with each week. They really seem to be committed to making this tag team very different from previous power tag teams. Heavy Machinery gained the victory using a double-team splash where Tucker jumped on Otis’ back as they drove Harv into the mat. These guys are going to be a good utility tag team to have around.

El Vagabundo

Elias Samson returned to NXT after he lost the Loser Leaves NXT Match as El Vagabundo. Now, this was no normal disguise as he literally just put a luchador mask on and acted the exact same way he normally would. The crowd was firmly behind Vagabundo cheering on his every move. Isn’t that the crazy thing about WWE fans? The guy is hated any other time, he puts on a mask and he’s their favourite thing. I loved it.

Lorcan would unmask and defeat Vagabundo and Samson was escorted out of the building for the second week in a row. I don’t know if this is going to be a running gag where Samson tries to get into NXT by using different personas, but I think it’s pointless otherwise. It was nice to see Oney Lorcan pick up a win, though!

The AOP Dynasty

Paul Ellering said he’s creating a dynasty with The Authors of Pain. I really hope that doesn’t mean another year long title reign in NXT like we’ve had with Asuka. I think that should happen only with really special talent at the right time. The Authors are good, but I don’t think they need to hold the titles forever to prove that.

The Final Word

As is typical with the post-Takeover NXT shows, this one wasn’t that great. It was half recaps, half throw away matches that had no real significance. You can probably skip this week’s show and be completely fine.


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