April The Giraffe has finally given birth, much to the joy of the entire Internet. One woman from Arkansas decided to create poems based on the popular animal.

It’s amazing what kind of creativity can come from one giraffe. Unless you’ve been completely away from the Internet, you’ve probably seen countless posts about April The Giraffe. There was plenty of anticipation for the impending birth of her baby which finally happened this past weekend. Brenda Lee Corley of Arkansas decided to make a couple beautiful poems about this giraffe and her baby’s journey which we’ve shared below.

A Poem for April the Giraffe:

April did you know,
At the beginning of this quest,
That the world would be watching,
That we would be obsessed?

Did you know we would ‘chat’
All through the night,
Making guesses and wagers…
Who would be right?

Did you know we would annoy
The moderators and staff,
“When is she due?”
“Where is the calf?”

Did you know that you and Oliver
Would bring a sort of unity?
From the far east to the far west,
A perfect opportunity…

For the world to learn more
About this creature called “Giraffe”,
Through social media,
Video and photograph.

Did you know we would adore
Your keepers, staff, and zoo,
And secretly wish
We were one of the crew?

That ‘sideways heart’ on your neck
Right where God painted it,
Of all of your markings,
Seems to be the favorite.

The way you use that leg for balance…
The way you toss your hay…
It doesn’t need to be explained;
It’s simply “April’s way”.

Did you know you’d be the topic
Of daily conversation…
A long awaited advocate
For giraffe conservation?

Did you know you’d cause the world
To laugh, cry and giggle,
As we watched your belly grow and grow,
Each kick and every jiggle?

Did you know that we’d be curious
About the cud you chew,
Your hay and water source,
Your pee…and your poo?

There would be so many questions
For your handlers and Veterinarian…
“Will she get an epidural?”
“Will she need a cesarean?”

For our ignorance, please accept
A heartfelt apology.
May we always remember these lessons
Of Love and Giraffology.

Forgive us for our scrutinizing,
For our glances, gawks and stares,
But please accept our best wishes,
Our hopes and our prayers.

So beautiful April, tall and brave,
Your little one will be here soon.
We wish you well and don’t forget,
We love you to the moon!

~Brenda Lee Corley

A Poem for April’s Baby
You’re here at last!
Oh, how we’ve waited.
You see…your arrival date
Could not be calculated.

Brand new little one,
With Patches all around…
Before you ever took a breath,
You were world renowned!

We watched for many weeks
On our computers, tablets, and phones.
We tormented your caretakers…
Demanding the unknowns.

We learned about your ossicones,
Your teeth, your tongue, your tail.
We learned by internet videos,
Chat rooms and email.

We learned about your humming
And your need for little sleep,
We learned that saving your species
Will be anything but cheap.

We learned we must have patience,
Despite our frustration.
We learned about these great giraffes!
We learned of conservation!

Your stomach has four sections;
Your neck, seven vertebrae,
But this journey has taught us more
Than giraffe anatomy.

We watched our dearest April,
Day and night throughout.
We watched closely for “a hoof,
Followed by a snout”!

We watched her tail, “It’s up! It’s up!”,
Thinking, “This is it!”
But a hay shower would set us straight…
Only April knew the script!

Your Father, Oliver,
Enjoyed the journey, too:
Attention and treats galore,
Awaiting the birth of you.

For some of us, your big barn
Became our happy place;
A retreat from work and daily grind,
A miracle to embrace.

We watched for you in February,
And March…St. Patrick’s, maybe?
But you had some growing to do…
April’s “April baby”!

So when the time was here at last,
Were we prepared at all?
“How can a six-foot baby be born?”
“Will it survive the fall?”

When you finally did your ‘swan dive’,
We gasped with a shudder…
“Will the little calf be okay?”
“Will it live to meet its Mother?”

With a lump in our throats and
Our hearts beating faster,
We held our breath and said a prayer…
Was the birth a disaster?

But then…oh my! You moved!
Our hearts were jubilant!
A new little life was here at last…
A baby ruminant!

Here you are, so perfect;
The timing is just right.
It’s only the beginning for you, my dear…
Your future’s looking bright!

Little one, you are loved
By humans wide and far.
Little one, you are famous.
You…are a superstar!

We do not want your story
To be something told in vain.
It must be educational,
Not just to entertain.

Changes are essential
For the life giraffes deserve.
Poaching and killing must be stopped,
Their habitats preserved!

Habitats are crowded
By human population.
The choice is ours, as human friends,
To aid in restoration.

May you remind us, little one,
As we look back on this journey:
If these magnificent animals are to thrive,
Conservation is the key!

~Brenda Lee Corley


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