GENEVA, Switzerland — EverdreamSoft, the Swiss-based mobile game developer, together with partner and video game publisher All 4 Games, are proud to announce the full launch of EDS’ flagship title Spells of Genesis, available on iOS and Android devices around the world as of April 20, 2017.

“Spells of Genesis represents a paradigm shift, bringing the unique feature of true ownership of game cards,” said Shaban Shaame, CEO at EDS. “We are excited to collaborate with All 4 Games on taking this vision to the gaming market.”

Spells of Genesis blends genres, mixing trading card hallmarks like deck collection and combat strategy with arcade gaming elements.

The global launch of the mobile trading card game will arrive with a limited special card release and a general reset of all in-game achievements, gold, and cards earned, crystals collected and card level-ups, according to EDS Marketing Manager Markéta Korteova.

“The global release is not the end, but a great start of a new and even bigger adventure,” said Korteova.

“At launch, there will be over 200 levels, divided into 20 campaigns. Within the first month after the launch, this number will increase to around 300 levels.”

In addition, a truly infinite challenge mode, previously called “Infinity”, will also be available, continued Korteova.

The special blockchain card that will be distributed for the global launch will be available at the start of May. The card will be distributed as a gift to all those who will have played the official game version and who have linked their game account to their bitcoin wallet by the end of April.

EDS initially soft-launched in Canada and Switzerland in late 2016. This phase was used to build further interest while resolving any issues found during the game’s final stages of development.


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