Today, we’re taking a look at Ubisoft’s first DLC pack for Watch Dogs 2. Is it worth diving back into the game? Find out in our Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC review!

Release Date February 21, 2017
Genre Third-Person Action/Adventure
Platforms PS4/PC/Xbox One
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Price $19.99 US
Players 1 Player
ESRB Rating Mature


Watch Dogs 2 was one of my favourite games in 2016 which I didn’t expect after a mediocre effort with the first game in the series. I liked the way I was able to complete missions without even touching my weapons. I’m not sure I had even a single kill with a weapon through the entire campaign. To my delight, Ubisoft brought everyone more story missions with the Human Conditions DLC. So let’s take a look at what this new content brings to the table.

Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Review
The self-driving Nudle car from Automata.

Human Conditions brings with it 3 new single-player missions that tackle different issues in today’s society. The first mission, Automata, is about a self-driving car and how the car can choose who to save in an accident by how much value that person is to society. Most of the mission involves sneaking into homes and businesses to acquire intel which is par for the course. The last part of the mission is the best and involves you stealing the Nudle self-driving car and becoming trapped inside. You have to solve a puzzle to regain manual control while taking out the cops who are on your tail. It’s frantic action at its best.

Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Review
The yachy you have to infiltrate in Bad Medicine.

The second mission, Bad Medicine, has to do with a hospital being hacked and injected with ransomware by the Russian Bratva. Jordi Chin from the original game reprises his role as a crazy psychopath, albeit one who’s now on your side. Jordi will help you through the mission by sniping different people and objects to aid in completing the mission. You’ll do some platforming to the bottom of a huge server as well as perform a big assault on a yacht. It’s nothing too different from anything you’ve done before in this game besides the unique setting.

The third mission, Caustic Progress, is about nanotechnology being tested on a group of homeless people. This one brings back rival hacker, Lenni. This one is easily the shortest as you finish a puzzle co-operatively with Lenni to get into a research lab. It’s a simple stealth mission that’s over before you know it.

It’s really cool to see Ubisoft tackle interesting issues like they have in this DLC pack instead of just creating the stories based on the same old stuff. I think that’s the part I enjoy most about Watch Dogs 2 in general. The co-op mission, Off The Hook, is the same old online offering that we’ve seen before. 

One of the things I like most about Human Conditions is the relationships that Marcus shares with Wrench and Josh. I love listening to Wrench and Marcus go back and forth about anything and everything. Those two seem like they’ve been friends forever. Josh finally confirmed that he has Asperger Syndrome and he embraces it instead of feeling hindered by it. I like the diversity that we continue to see in Ubisoft games rather than the cookie-cutter characters we’re used to seeing in many games.

Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Review
The new Jammer enemy.

There’s a new type of enemy that was also introduced in this DLC called, The Jammer. He does what the name implies and jams your hacking attempts and your attempts on anyone else within his range. I had no problem with these guys and usually called the cops to come to take them away. It was a nice change of pace from the normal enemies you encounter and I wish they’d add more diverse enemies in the eventual Watch Dogs 3.

Pros Cons
New enemy Jammer is a nice change of pace Not much in the way of new gameplay elements
3 different types of stories Very short
Technical Performance
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The Human Conditions DLC is a decent add-on to the original game and is something that gives you a chance to jump back into the game if you've already beaten it. The level cap doesn't increase so if you're already there, this isn't going to make you go up any higher. My one issue with this DLC is that it just doesn't add a lot of incentive to want to go back. The new stories are great, but this is pretty much the same stuff you saw in the campaign with little difference. I'd recommend this to people who enjoyed Watch Dogs 2, but if you were already getting bored with it by the end, it's probably worth


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