The 5/17/2017 WWE NXT Recap features our thoughts on Itami and Roode. Kassius Ohno vs. Andrade Almas, Sonya Deville, and a whole lot more!

Drew McIntyre vs. Sean Maluta

Drew McIntyre faced off against the up and coming Sean Maluta on this week’s edition of NXT. If I have one criticism of Maluta, it’s that he doesn’t show much personality on his way to the ring or inside of it. He doesn’t look like he even wants to be there. What I do like about Maluta is that he works a very stiff style and everything he does in the ring looks pretty good. I think once he can latch on to a persona, he can be a serviceable star in NXT.

These two guys had a pretty hard-hitting match. Drew even ended up with a bloody eye out of the whole deal that looked pretty bad at first glance. Drew got the victory with the Claymore. After that match, he talked about how Wesley Blake didn’t matter to him and that what would matter is if he didn’t have everyone’s attention. He told Blake that if he wants his attention, he can meet him in the ring next week. So it looks like it’s Blake vs. McIntyre for next week’s show.

Strong Wants Sanity

Roderick Strong was attacked by Sanity as NXT went off the air last week. This led Strong to tell NXT GM William Regal that he wants Sanity. Eric Young is shown in a pre-taped video talking about Strong’s wife and baby and says, “You want Sanity? They call us crazy, but that sounds crazy.” Young tells Strong that they’ll see him at Takeover: Chicago. This was a good late addition to Takeover and I’m glad these two guys aren’t going to be left off of it.

Video Packages

I really like the video packages on NXT. I feel like this brand uses those to their advantage more than SmackDown and Raw. It really helps to make a connection to stars you may not know as well. This week we got to see a video of Hideo Itami’s debut as Kenta in 2014 and the first time he used the GTS against Tyler Breeze in 2015. We also got to see more about Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne. These packages have been especially valuable to me because I haven’t seen much of the UK stuff and it’s allowed me to understand what to expect out of these guys ahead of their match. I want to see more stuff like this across all brands.

Lacey Evans vs. Sonya Deville

The former Daria Berenato has finally been given her WWE name and it’s Sonya Deville. This reminds me of Sonya from Mortal Kombat and I think it fits Daria well with her MMA persona.  I’m hoping she starts to break out soon. I feel like she’s very different from most of the women in NXT and I can see her becoming the next dominant heel on the brand. I’m equally intrigued by Lacey Evans. She’s a former marine who has a unique and conservative look to her. She reminds me of a 50s housewife or something. It’s interesting, to say the least. I would compare her to Cherry from Deuce N’ Domino.

This match was pretty basic, Lacey hasn’t been with NXT very long so I didn’t expect much. Sonya carried the match and won with a Shining Wizard.

Kassius Ohno vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Andrade Almas square off against Kassius Ohno on NXT and these two had a pretty impressive match. Ohno matches Almas’ agility which surprised me a little bit. It always amazes me how quickly Ohno can move being such a big guy. It’s incredible. I really hope that his tenure in NXT this time leads to a main roster call up. Ohno deserves that chance and did when he was released the first time.

I kind of wish this match would have been held off until Takeover. I could have watched another 10 minutes of it. It’s a testament to how good both of these guys are. Almas, in particular, is vastly underrated. He does everything well and makes each move look effortless. Not only is he great in the ring, but he’s developed a great heel personality without even having to cut a promo. Sure, he says a few words here and there, but his actions speak for themselves. 

Ohno would get the victory after a couple Rolling Elbows in a good back and forth match. Make sure to check this one out!

Roode Eats a GTS

Bobby Roode came out to address his opponent on Sunday for the NXT Championship in Chicago. He talked about Itami hitting him with the GTS a few weeks ago completely unprovoked as he was standing there in his custom $5000 suit, not unlike the one he was wearing tonight. Bobby said that at Takeover, he won’t be in a suit, he’ll be in his gear. He said he’d make an example out of Itami.

Roode went on to talk about Itami’s injuries and how he didn’t even know he was still employed.  Bobby talks about his own track record and says that Itami will have to go back to his family and say he failed once again. This time it will be because of NXT Champion, Bobby Roode.

Hideo Itami would come out and break through a line of security to get to the ring. The security followed him in and he takes 2/3 out with a GTS. Roode then comes in from behind and falls to a GTS himself. Itami stands tall ahead Takeover: Chicago. It might just be Itami’s time to shine, but more than likely, Roode will continue his reign with some kind of heelish tactic. I’m definitely not ready for Roode to lose the title yet and I think Itami would be better suited to move up to SmackDown then wallow away in NXT any longer. 


NXT Title Match
Hideo Itami vs. Bobby Roode

Predicted Winner: Bobby Roode retains the NXT Championship

Ladder Match for the NXT Tag Team Titles
DIY vs. The Authors of Pain

Predicted winner: DIY wins the NXT Tag Team Championships

Triple Threat for the NXT Women’s Title
Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross vs. Asuka

Predicted winner: Asuka retains the NXT Women’s Championship

WWE UK Title Match
Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate

Predicted winner: Tyler Bate retains the WWE UK Championship

Eric Young vs. Roderick Strong

Prediction: Roderick Strong def. Eric Young

The Final Word

I’m glad we’re getting a Takeover event before SummerSlam weekend. it would have been too long between if they had waited. I really think that this card is going to be a pretty good one. It’s not the highest profile card we’ve seen, but there’s still a lot to be excited about. I think we may have a few surprises coming out of this show.


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