The 5/24/2017 WWE NXT features the debut of Velveteen Dream as well as Drew McIntyre vs. Wesley Blake and Aleister Black vs. Curt Hawkins!

*This week’s article will be a little shorter than normal considering half the show was a Takeover: Chicago recap.*

Aleister Black vs. Curt Hawkins

Aleister Black has become the most intriguing people to ever step foot in an NXT ring. He has such an aura when he comes out to the ring. You can feel the excitement from the crowd and Aleister never seems to disappoint. He is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen in a long time. As we saw with The Undertaker and Kane, people are drawn to darker characters. Aleister fits that bill incredibly well. It hasn’t even been determined whether he’s a face or not at this point. He just comes out, beats someone, meditates, and leaves. The longer NXT can keep that mystery going, the better. I hope he never grabs a microphone!

Aleister faced off against Raw’s Curt Hawkins. This was the longest match that Aleister has been in so far. That’s not saying much as this match still didn’t last very long. Hawkins did manage to get a tiny bit of offense in before Black won with Black Mass and his traditional meditation after the match. 

Ember Moon Talks About Her Injury

Ember Moon talked about Chicago being her breaking point because that’s where she started her run. She said she thought she could take being injured, but seeing the arena set up, it sucks.  We might see a new NXT Women’s Champion and there’s nothing she can do about it. She selfishly wanted Asuka to retain so that she could be the one to deal the final blow and take what’s so near and dear to her. This was a really good promo by Ember Moon simply because it was real. That’s how she really felt with a few bits of storyline slipped in. She got her title shot ripped away from her due to a legitimate injury and it hurt to watch everyone else compete while she sat on the sidelines. The more reality in wrestling, the better.

Velveteen Dream vs. Robert Anthony

We finally saw the debut of Velveteen Dream after weeks of vignettes. In actuality, he did make his debut a few months ago in a segment on NXT TV that no one remembers. I’m not sure what to make of this character so far. He’s flamboyant and looks like something straight out of the 70s. I’m just not so sure that this character is going to take off with the WWE Universe. It’s a big gamble on someone who has been waiting for an opportunity to break out. 

Velveteen Dream got the victory in a short match after an Elbow Drop from the top rope. It looks as though he’ll be working as a heel as he should. From the little we saw in this match, it definitely looks like Patrick Clark can pull this character off convincingly and I’d like to see how things progress with him from here.

Drew McIntyre vs. Wesley Blake

Where in the world have Wesley Blake and his former partner, Buddy Murphy, been? We haven’t seen Murphy forever and this is the first we’ve really seen of Blake in a long time. It’s weird for former tag team champions to just fall apart like that. In any event, we have McIntyre vs. Blake on this week’s NXT.

This match went quite a while considering the first two were essentially squash matches. Blake is a master of making people look even better than they already do and he did that with McIntyre. Drew is great on his own, but the way that Blake sold for him in this match made Drew look downright vicious. This was most apparent in the finish of the match where Drew hit the Claymore and Blake did a complete flip in the air after being hit by it. It looked nasty.

I’d like to see Blake make his way back onto TV, but I think he and Murphy are at risk of being released if they don’t get something going soon. I think it’s a numbers game and those two guys just don’t have a spot right now. As far as Drew is concerned, I think he obviously should be heading to the NXT Championship picture. McIntyre vs. Roode sounds like a fantastic main event for the next Takeover event this Summer.

As is customary with post-Takeover NXT shows, this was recap-heavy and there was little reason to watch besides to see the debut of Velveteen Dream which wasn’t anything special. Skip this week and you won’t miss much of anything.


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