The 5/29/2017 WWE Raw featured Alexa Bliss doing a This is Your Life segment for Bayley as well as two big main event matches ahead of Extreme Rules!

WWE started off the night with a nice tribute for Memorial Day in the United States narrated by John Cena. WWE always does such a good job with these video packages and it really gets the fans pumped up for their country. It was a nice touch.

MizTV w/ Cesaro & Sheamus

The Miz and his wife Maryse came out after the tribute for the latest edition of MizTV. Miz talked a bit about being happy he gets to get his hands on Ambrose this Sunday. He also talked about having to put the stipulation of the title change on a disqualification because Ambrose if the type of person that rules are made for. I like this cockiness out of Miz considered the odds are certainly stacked against Ambrose. I think that Miz is likely to win this Sunday somehow screwing over Ambrose.

The guests on MizTV this week happened to be Cesaro and Sheamus who talked once again about everyone jumping on the Hardy bandwagon after their return. This was basically a segment for the heels to tell everyone why they were going to win their respective titles. Ambrose would come out next to shut them up and he’d bring The Hardys with him. They would clean house. This set up a 6-man match pitting the Hardys & Ambrose vs. The Miz, Cesaro, and Sheamus.

I felt like this was a good set up for a match like this. It was a good way to take care of the build for two feuds all at once. It’s a lot better than having two separate matches and it gives these guys a lot more time to do something decent.

Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) & WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Cesaro, and Sheamus

It’s been amazing to see how The Hardy Boyz haven’t missed a step since returning. They’re as good as they ever were and I’ve really enjoyed taking this trip down memory lane. I eventually want to see them go on as singles stars, but seeing them hold yet another set of tag titles and do their thing has been fun to watch. More than that, I think that Cesaro and Sheamus have been the perfect opponents for them. They’ve really driven home the point that they deserve the adoration that The Hardys get and they’re doing everything they can to prove it. It’s been a simple and decently constructed story.

The Miz and Ambrose have actually done a good job formulating a new feud out of thin air as well. The Miz just doesn’t like Ambrose and Ambrose doesn’t like Miz. There’s nothing that special about this feud and aside from Ambrose getting disqualified to retain his title, there isn’t much of a reason for it. It works because those two guys are good enough to take something so simple and spin it into something. I hope it’s over soon because I want to see the Intercontinental Championship go in a different direction. There are way more stars that deserve a shot at that title and this is probably the last feud I wanted to see despite them making the most of it.

It was a typical ending to a 6-man tag match with everybody knocking everyone else out until The Hardys hit a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb. Miz took the Twist of Fate really awkwardly and flipped the wrong direction. All the champions have the upper-hand going into Extreme Rules. Hopefully, that means we’ll see a couple title changes. Especially for the IC title at least.

The Graves/Angle Mystery

Corey Graves was texting on his phone at the announce desk when he abruptly left the table. Kurt asked backstage if this is a joke. Corey says he loves the job that Kurt is doing. Kurt says if this is true, it could ruin him. This is an interesting development. Could this be the start of a story to lead Kurt back to the ring? I think that would be an amazing thing.

Elias Samson vs. Zac Evans

Elias Samson did his song before facing off against Zac Evans. I’ll hand it to Samson, he’s really making his mark since getting to Raw. It’s nice that this gimmick is getting some traction because I thought it would be DOA. Samson won with his Reverse Swinging Neckbreaker. Not much else to say about Samson, I look forward to seeing him in an actual storyline soon.

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe was backstage talking about breaking Finn before and being ready to do it again. He said it’s about the devil you know. Wyatt came up on screen to tell him that he’s the devil Joe doesn’t know. He went on to talk about being the only one who can beat the beast. With the way Bray has been talking, I really think he has the inside edge on a victory on Sunday. Bray’s mind games vs. Brock’s power would be intriguing.

The first main event of the night was a hotly contested match. These guys were given quite a bit of time. It was nice to see a match on Raw that was actually given some time to be significant. That goes a long way for me and it was one of the better matches we’ve seen lately. Samoa Joe ended up stealing the win by tossing Balor into the ring post after he hit the Coup de Grace on Bray Wyatt and pinning Wyatt.

It’s interesting to me over the last little while how Raw has been putting on 1-2 PPV caliber matches per Raw. I’ve read that they don’t really know what to do right now so they’re putting on more multi-person matches. I think that’s only going to fly for so long. I want to see some better storylines soon. Good wrestling only goes so far with an Entertainment based product.

Rollins Talks About Reigns

Seth Rollins put his friendship with Roman Reigns aside and said he owns Reigns. He talked about being no stranger to changing the course of history in WWE and he’ll do the same tonight. I like the intensity from Seth, not many people could make a match like tonight’s matter in a promo like he did. Let’s be honest, it’s meaningless besides momentum. No one will care who won on Raw come Sunday. This is where Rollins is really valuable on the microphone.

Rich Swann w/ Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox

Rich Swann and Noam Dar had a quick match on Raw to set up a mixed tag team match at Extreme Rules. Swann won a fairly quick match with a Phoenix Splash for the pinfall. Sasha and Rich started dancing together in the ring after the match. This is a different type of match to see a couple Cruiserweights in. I really think WWE is trying anything to get people interested in the characters on 205 Live since it’s bombing so bad. I hope things change for the better that way because there’s a lot of talent that will be out of work if that project fails.

The Revival Re-Emerge

The Revival made their first appearance since Dash Wilder suffered a broken jaw at an NXT live event. Dash still had his jaw wired shut and he’s still a little while away from getting his wires cut off. Charly Caruso came up with some interesting footage of The Revival at the arena last week during Sasha’s interview. That was the same week that Enzo Amore was attacked from behind. Just like I said last week, it was probably The Revival. What a perfect way to bring them back. Of course, they went on to deny it saying they wouldn’t waste their time on him. We’ll see. Big Cass would confront Corey Graves after he alluded that Cass may have something to do with the attack. Maybe there’s more to this story than what’s on the surface…

Kalisto vs. Titus O’Neil w/ Apollo Crews

Kalisto battled Titus O’Neil…well he did for a minute until Titus rolled him up and got the pinfall holding the tights. Titus gloated to Apollo after the match. The teacher is starting to teach Apollo some lessons about being a heel. I like what’s going on between these two. Apollo is slowly becoming a bad guy, maybe he won’t even make a full turn, he could end up turning on Titus. There’s no bad way of doing this, I think this is one of those quick storylines that has no downside.

Alexa Bliss’ This is Your Life Segment for Bayley

When I first heard that Alexa was doing a This is Your Life Segment for Bayley, I thought it was a golden opportunity. There isn’t another woman on the roster who could pull this off better and Alexa really delivered. Alexa showed off a doll Bayley still plays with, a trophy for sportsmanship, and her yearbook where she was named “Most Likely to Apologize”. She even introduced Bayley’s 4th-grade teacher Mrs. Flapper who said that Bayley had perfect attendance and always sat front row next to her father because she’d cry if she was ever away from him for very long.

Alexa would then move on to her best friend Tracy who said Bayley would never hang out with her because she was always watching Raw or SmackDown. She went on to Bayley’s ex-boyfriend Phil who said it was weird to be with Bayley because her father was always around. He was so close that he went for their first kiss and almost kissed her father. Then Phil said he only dated Bayley to get closer to Tracy and started kissing Tracy. Weird.

This segment was great for Alexa and ended with her once again hitting Bayley with a Kendo Stick. She was so good on the microphone once again. A typical mean girl and she plays that role so well. I can’t believe how far Alexa has come on the main roster, the sky is the limit for this woman. The segment wasn’t amazing, but neither were the other ones we’ve seen over the years. It’s campy comedy at it’s best but it made Alexa an even bigger heel which is the endgame.

Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher vs. Neville & TJP

Yay, another Cruiserweight tag team match. We average one of these a week and I just don’t care. Look, I like Neville and I like Aries, but I just can’t bring myself to care about these pointless tag matches. Aries got the victory for his team with Last Chancery and I have to think that he’s finally winning the Cruiserweight title at Extreme Rules. The only reason this feud has lasted so long is that there isn’t a single person outside of those two that would draw any eyeballs. That’s not to say they aren’t talented. It’s simply that they haven’t built them up enough to be major stars in their division. That’s a problem.

Goldust & R-Truth

Goldust did another video talking about R-Truth holding him back. Truth came back with another video saying that he will strike down upon Goldie. Meh. Let’s get this one over with.

Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins had another classic match to add to their library on Raw. The problem with that was that it wasn’t really for anything more than momentum, yet again. I have a big problem with these types of matches because there’s no real story here. Reigns got the win with a Spear and it went pretty much how everyone expected. As I said earlier in the article. What does it really matter? Come Sunday, no one remembers this match. WWE needs to stop wasting good match-ups on something that doesn’t do anything for a storyline. Raw has been especially bad with that lately, they really need to come up with some better storyline heading into SummerSlam season because the show has been losing me the last few weeks.


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