Ubisoft has released a new trailer, screenshots, and details for the Fallen Ghosts DLC in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. 

New bosses, missions, and challenges

The new Fallen Ghosts campaign features 15 new missions in which you will face four new bosses located in three different regions. As with the main game, you have total freedom of choice in the way you complete the missions, either by controlling your AI squad alone or by joining up to three other players in co-op.

The new missions will test your combat skills and the coordination with your team: you will have to eliminate lieutenants, defend civilians, and extract VIPs, all to work your way through to the heads of each region. In addition to the main missions, Fallen Ghosts will also incorporate new side missions scattered around the map. If you complete all the missions of a specific type, you can unlock a final activity that grants you exclusive prizes upon completion.

But these are not the only changes: for those of you who love a good challenge, the Advanced and Expert difficulties have been tweaked to offer a greater challenge. Turn off the HUD and immerse yourself in the most extreme tactical experience you can experience in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.

New deadly enemies: Los Extranjeros

During the events of Fallen Ghosts, your squad will be pursued by Los Extranjeros. Operating under the government protection gave them access to the latest combat technology so, for the first time, the Ghosts will not be the ones equipped with the most advanced tools.

You will have to deal with four new types of enemies and each one of them will require a different approach. Armored enemies wear heavy bulletproof vests and will be hard to kill in close combat; Elite Snipers have a wide detection range and unbeatable aiming skills; the Jammers have an interference antenna equipped on their backpacks that disables all your electronic gadgets; and finally, the Covert Ops will test your detection capabilities with their advanced optical camouflages and their silent but lethal crossbows. They are implacable, and they will push the Ghosts to their limits.

New weapons and skills

Luckily, the Ghosts will have some resources to face this new threat. Fallen Ghosts includes 25 weapons, including six new exclusive ones, featuring assault rifles, sniper rifles, and even a crossbow that can be equipped with explosive arrows. Additionally, you will also be able to get more than 10 exclusive legendary versions.

New set of skills and extra level cap

You start Fallen Ghosts with a new level 30 character with all of the main game skills already active. However, to help you fight this new deadly enemy, you’ll be able to teach your ghost some new skills. To unlock them, the level cap will be raised to level 35. Here are some examples of skills you’ll be able to use, with more of them coming in the final release:

– Drone Updates: The best friend of the Ghosts is now updated with even more tactical options.

– Flash Drone: Transform your drone into a mobile flashbang grenade that will repeatedly trigger blinding flashes.

– Attack Drone: Attach a small-caliber shooting device to your drone to transform it into a lethal flying weapon.

– Drone Vengeance: Equip it with an explosive payload that will activate automatically when shot down by an enemy.

Physical Skills: Tracked and hunted down, you’ll be forced to unleash your inner Ghost and improve your reflexes to survive.

– Oxygen: Improve your ability to swim underwater for a longer time. Stay undetected and find new stealthy ways to attack your enemy.

– Reaction Marking: Improve your senses and tag every enemy shooting at you.

– Weapons Skills:

– Explosive bolt: Equip your new crossbow with explosive bolts. More deadly, less silent.

– Fast Reload: Increase your dexterity and reload your weapons faster.


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