The 6/26/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features our thoughts on the horrible MizTV segment with the Ball Family, the Women’s Gauntlet Match, and much more!

Reigns Leaves in an Ambulance

Roman Reigns ended up coming out to do a promo on the ambulance match and how cowardly Strowman was to attack him while he was down. I do like that Roman addresses the crowd reactions during his promos instead of ignoring it. I just feel like his promos have been so cookie-cutter lately. I know he can come up with better stuff than this, I’ve seen it. I want him to say what he actually feels rather than lines from the creative. His best promos have been when he’s emotionally invested in a feud and I’m just not feeling that right now.

An ambulance would come out and stop beside the stage. Roman would go to open the doors only to find no one inside. Braun Strowman would come out to attack him from backstage at that moment and ended up lawn-darting Roman into the side of the ambulance off the stage. It was pretty impressive to watch and looked like it actually hurt unlike some of the set pieces WWE puts together. Braun would send Roman away in the ambulance gaining the advantage ahead of their Ambulance Match at Great Balls of Fire. I expect Roman to fight back next week

6-Man Tags

I’ve said that I don’t like 6-man tag teams matches before and I still hold to that for one simple reason – it’s lazy booking. WWE books a lot of 6-man tag team matches. I would say there’s an average of about 2-4 a week depending on what’s going on in WWE at the time. That’s far too many. These matches used to be something that was special. You’d see them occasionally where the tag team champions and mid-card or world champions would team up to fight whoever they’re feuding with. Now, it’s just used as a way to fit everything in. The show is 3 hours, time can be managed better where there doesn’t have to be one of these matches nearly every week.

I will say that I thought it was really cool to see Finn Balor team with The Hardy Boyz. I think that’s a dream team if there ever was one. I also think they had a good match with the tag champs and Samson. It was one of the better 6-man matches we’ve seen lately and I liked the idea of getting Elias Samson in there to get some experience with 5 solid veterans. But then we had Miz, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel vs. Slater, Rhyno, and Ambrose. That match did absolutely nothing for me and a feud between Miz’s henchmen and Slater and Rhyno won’t either. It was a throwaway match to get Dallas and Axel back in the fans eyes with a victory. It was a fairly pointless segment that did little for anyone.

MizTV with The Ball Family

Speaking of horrible segments, WWE cashed in on the buzz from the NBA Draft last week to talk to Lavar, Lamelo, and Lonzo Ball who was drafted to the LA Lakers (Raw was held at the Staples Center). This segment was a train wreck from the very beginning with Lavar cutting The Miz off as he was trying to talk and eventually taking off his shirt after Miz took his jacket off ready to fight. It all led to Dean Ambrose coming out in their t-shirt to say he had a marketing agreement with The Ball’s Big Baller Brand and not The Miz. If you thought the Bayley: This is Your Life segment was bad, just try watching this one.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore Reunite…For a Moment

Enzo Amore came out on Raw to address the revelation that Big Cass had been the one attacking him the past few weeks. He called Cass out and started speaking from the heart saying he saw passion, anger, and a bunch of other emotional stuff. Enzo wanted to put everything behind them and go back to being a team again so they could win the tag team titles. Cass went with it calling them brothers and hugging Enzo. That lasted until they got to the ramp when Cass blasted Enzo with a big clothesline and threw him down the ramp. I’m so thankful they didn’t reunite! WWE scared me there for a second. It was weird seeing Cass come out to the same music with Enzo’s voice in it and everything.

Cass would then threaten Graves saying he must have some kind of dirt on Kurt Angle because he has forbidden him from touching Graves. He then told Graves to stay out of his business. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll be getting some more concrete clue about this Angle situation soon. They’re starting to reference it a lot more.

Wyatt Warns Rollins

Bray Wyatt came up on the screen after Rollins made short work of Curt Hawkins. He told Seth that he’s in his mind, he’s everywhere. He tells him that he must give in to his true self or he will burn. So, it’ll be Rollins vs. Wyatt at Great Balls of Fire. Not much else to say about that. It’ll be good, but I’m not at all very excited for it in any way.

Joe Attacks Lesnar

How good has the feud between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe been already? In every other feud, Lesnar has been the one to look dominant and insurmountable, but now? Samoa Joe is the one the seems to have the upper-hand. This isn’t anything we’ve seen since Lesnar returned in 2012 and it’s a nice change of pace. More than that, it’s the right guy to do it. That’s what makes this upcoming match so special.

If Samoa Joe went on to defeat Brock Lesnar (there’s almost no chance this happens), he’d be a made-man. It would be one of the best decisions WWE has ever made. Why have this huge attraction in Lesnar if you can’t let him boost one of your current stars up to even bigger heights? I think Joe needs that title more than Reigns does (because he’ll undoubtedly be the one to win it next) and I would much rather see Joe vs. Reigns at SummerSlam than Lesnar vs. Reigns, but that’s just me. I’m really loving what we’re seeing between these two and I can’t wait for that match.

Tozawa Joins Titus Worldwide

Neville made quick work on Lince Dorado and almost got into it with Akira Tozawa when Titus stopped them asking why they would fight for free when they have a match at Great Balls of Fire. There isn’t a whole lot to say about this one. Kind of expected I suppose. Maybe Titus will cost Neville the title? That could add a new level of entertainment to the Cruiserweight Division.

Goldust Debuts His Latest Production

Goldust finally had his blow-off match with R-Truth…kind of. He came out in his vintage Goldust attire that he wore in the 90s along with a cameraman who was also dressed in gold. He proceeded to take a cheap shot at R-Truth and continued to beat him down while the camera guy filmed it all. I assume we’ll see the final cut of this footage next week. It was bizarre, even for Goldust. He’s kind of like he used to be, but even weirder and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing yet.

Women’s Gauntlet Match

After weeks of having the women do nothing of great value, WWE decided to throw a gauntlet match together to see who would face Alexa Bliss at Great Balls of Fire. More importantly, this match was the main event which was a welcome surprise to me. WWE completed the destruction of Bayley in this match by having Nia Jax eliminate her first, she then made short work of Dana, Mickie, and Emma. It came down to Sasha and Nia and Sasha got the victory with the Banks Statement.

Alexa would come out to gloat after the match and Sasha would knock her from the ring and hold her title hostage. I like that this was the main event, but the way it went down was as expected. Everyone gets eliminated quickly, Nia somehow manages to lose, and Sasha is the #1 Contender. It was the perfect storm of bad ideas. I love Sasha, but what I don’t like is that they continuously give Nia the short end of the stick. Why hasn’t she been champion yet? There’s really no reason. Sasha’s already had the title a good 2 or 3 times by now, I’d like to see things go in a bit different of a direction for a while. I’m not saying every woman deserves it, but Nia certainly does at this point.

I did like the Gauntlet Match concept, but it wasn’t that exciting when everybody got eliminated right away. They need to give these matches a good hour if there are that many people involved and make them feel like an event.


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