LOS ANGELES, Calif. — June 8, 2017 — The Grimwood Team are pleased to announce the release of their debut title, a dark and atmospheric puzzle-platformer game called World of One on PC, Mac, and Linux. Budding survivalists can pit themselves against the never-before-seen lunar physics in World of One’s grayscale universe for just $6.99 on STEAM. Players who are brave enough to try and tackle the game’s elaborate puzzles (with some that feature multiple solutions) will receive a 10% discount in the first week of launch.

World of One has a distinctive art style shaded by ghoulish greys with unconventional gameplay mechanics that are tied together by a deeply emotional narrative. As players explore the grayscale environments in World of One, they will discover that deadly traps, tricky puzzles with unique lunar physics, and terrifying monsters await on their journey. To advance to the next planet, each with its own unique set of challenges, players must defeat the demanding monstrosities that haunt them. As players move through this grim journey, they will begin to unravel a haunting storyline that offers three endings to this dark tale that will be determined by their actions. Will you have what it takes to discover the truth about yourself?

World of One is a fresh take on the traditional puzzle-platformer genre by including the following unique gameplay features:

  • Unique in Game Physics: The stylized world in World of One isn’t just all eye candy. The large glowing moon above will change the in-game physics. That means in addition to wits, players will also need to rely on the environment to help them complete these puzzles!
  • Multiple Solutions to Puzzles: Advance through distinctive planets by completing challenging puzzles but stay on your toes! Some puzzles will have multiple solutions for players to try and wrap their brains around.
  • To The Left and Right: In most side-scrollers, players can really go in one direction. In World of One, some planets will give players the choice to go either left or right to try and solve the puzzles and defeat the monsters.
  • Three different Endings: The player’s fate will be in their hands based on the decisions they make.
  • Stylish and Dark Art Style: Tim Burton fans are sure to delight in World of One’s gothic inspired dark and moody visual treats.

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