Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Japan Studio and Mark Cerny, one of gaming’s most creative minds, Knack returns bigger and better than ever in the upcoming sequel, Knack 2, exclusively for the PlayStation®4 system (PS4TM).  Designed for both families and gamers alike, Knack 2 is a fun, pick-up-and-play adventure with an evolved and diverse set of combat, platforming and puzzle gameplay mechanics.

At the press of a button, Knack’s signature size-shifting ability can be engaged and he can shrink down to a mere two feet in order to get past tight passageways or in contrast, he can grow into an overpowering giant with bolstering moves.

Knack 2 encompasses a robust combat system with over 20 dynamic moves, where players will have a host of new abilities which include flying kicks, highly damaging body slams, and even parrying enemy attacks right back at them. Knack also takes control of tanks and robots, in order to conduct even more powerful attacks.

Players can join in on the fun together as Knack 2 will feature a highly engaging two player co-op mode, allowing them to seamlessly enter or leave the game at any moment.

Knack 2 will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro systems on September 5, 2017.


  • Classic Platformer Action – Knack’s size-shifting ways comes into play with classic platforming action, allowing players to take advantage of his abilities in order to move past revolving platforming sequences.
  • Dynamic and Robust Combat System – With over 20 moves including flying kicks, boomerang attacks, powerful body slams, a barrage of multi-punches, and even parrying enemy attacks right back at them; Knack will continue to expand his skillset as players progress throughout the game.
  • Engaging Puzzles – Challenging and diverse puzzles will force players to take advantage of Knack’s various ever-moving parts; whether it’s utilizing his size-shifting abilities or implementing the right move at the perfect time.
  • Co-Op Mode– Join in on the fun with an engaging two player co-op mode, which offers a variety of special two-person combo moves. Co-Op mode also allows players to seamlessly enter or leave the game at any given moment.
  • Family-Friendly Adventure – From longtime nostalgic platform era enthusiasts to newcomers alike, Knack 2 features accessible and vibrant gameplay for players of any skill level.


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