FYIG sat down to play paintball with some people online this past week…at least when it worked. Find out what went wrong in our XField Paintball 3 review!

Release Date May 30, 2017
Genre FPS/Sports
Platforms PC
Developer Xfield Paintball SAS
Price $29.99 US
Players 2-10 Players
ESRB Rating N/A


*A copy of this game was provided to FYIG by the publisher for review purposes*

I didn’t expect much from XField Paintball 3 when I received the code for it. It’s a budget title at $24.99 USD/$39.99 CAD so I knew there would be some growing pains, but I didn’t expect the plethora of issues that would prevent me from finding any enjoyment out of this game. It feels more like an Early Access game than a full-fledged game. So let’s get into it and talk about the few good things and the many bad.

I’m not going to claim to know anything about professional paintball, I certainly don’t. I do however know when a game isn’t ready for the public and this one isn’t. To start off, I could not get my Xbox One controller to work with this game. It works on most of the other games I play and yet, it doesn’t on this one. I tried changing Steam settings to no luck, then I tried selecting it in-game and couldn’t. The strange thing is that both bumper buttons were registering and nothing else. I ended up abandoning that and using keyboard and mouse.

XField Paintball 3 Review
It looks promising until you realize you can only choose Quick Game.

After I got over the fact that I couldn’t use my controller, I went back to the main menu. I noticed that the menu itself has half the options grayed out. Your only option is Quick Game which is a 2 vs. 2 match. There are options for Local Game, Ranked Game, Tournament, Equipment, and My Profile. Out of those options, only My Profile is selectable. Terrain Editor is also grayed out. Sure, this stuff will be in the game at some point, but we’re not talking about the future, we’re talking about now. I don’t understand how you can launch a game without any real game modes. There aren’t even any graphical settings, what you see is what you get.

The game left a sour taste in my mouth before I even started playing it. After playing a handful of games, my stance has been solidified. It’s just not good. Movement is clunky and slow, even when you’re sprinting. When you actually see other people running around, they look like they’re really awkward for some reason. It doesn’t replicate the intensity of a paintball match at all, it feels really sluggish.

XField Paintball 3 review
There’s a slight fog effect inside your mask when you run.

So is this game fun? No, not really. The game is built on strategy, but no matter how you go about doing things, you can end up out in 5 seconds. Staying in cover is essential to your survival in the game and yet, there were still a lot of times that people managed to hit me when I was completely behind cover. I managed a total of one hit during my entire time playing this game and it was nothing more than a stroke of luck. I don’t even care about that, though. I’ll chalk that up to not being good at the game. The problem is, there’s absolutely no incentive to try to continue playing the game. You’re just playing to play and when you’re not enjoying something, that’s not enough. It’s one shot and you’re out so 2 vs. 2 matches are pretty quick and uneventful.

The big problem with this game is that there isn’t a single player mode at all. You have to play online. That would be fine if there were any people playing online. I’ve had to wait 5-7 minutes at times to play a game only to play a couple rounds and have those players leave. There is a 5 vs. 5 mode, but I didn’t get to play it because I didn’t have the option to. That’s not going to be enough to save this experience anyways. This game would have benefitted immensely from the option of having AI bots. Sadly, it doesn’t.

XField Paintball 3 review
The game includes official competition layouts.

There are a few positives to this game. It does include some good arching ball physics for the paintballs themselves. That much is cool and it gives it a different feel from a traditional FPS. The game also includes official competition layouts from international leagues and a scenario map. This is great for paintball enthusiasts, but it still doesn’t help make the game look any better. I’m well over the recommended system requirements and this game looks straight out of 2006. The textures are blurry and the everything looks really generic. It also doesn’t help that the framerate has a life of its own from the menus to the actual gameplay.

Pros Cons
None Bad graphics
  Barely anyone playing online in an online-only game
  Half the game is unusable
Story/Game Modes
Technical Performance
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xfield-paintball-3-reviewXField Paintball 3 has potential. It easily could be a competent paintball simulator in the future, but it's not even close right now. The developers certainly released this in an unfinished state and I feel bad for people who purchased this at full price. This is a small development team of 12 people, so I understand that it's not going to be AAA quality. The thing I don't understand is why they didn't give this game another 3 months development time to release it with all the features that people hoped they'd be getting. As of right now, players are going to have to wait for this game to be updated to get their complete package and that's just bad business. I do not recommend for anyone to buy this game right now. Check back on it in a few months to see if anything has changed.


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