8-BIT Retro Rap Video Tells True Story of Wordburglar’s Legendary Nintendo Power Hi-Score.


One hot summer, in a time before the internet, an aspiring young video gamer set out to achieve the first Nintendo Power Hi-Score for a somewhat obscure game called “NARC’. He did it, and his Hi-Score was listed in Volume 23 of the classic Nintendo Power magazine. That kid would grow up to be indie rapper Wordburglar, and the fun and nerdy true-rap story of his Nintendo Hi-Score is now entirely animated in 8-Bit NES glory by Toronto Director and Game Designer, Rosemary Brennan.

To give the song the most authentic 8-Bit feel possible, Wordburglar teamed up with gaming buddy and super-producer COINS (Of Daft Science fame) to create an infectious, chiptunes-infused retro rap jam with the perfect combination of nostalgic bleeps, bloops and boom-bap hip-hop.

So take an 8-bit trip into a bygone era of lime soda, grease-stained controllers and video game magazine glory with “NARC HI-SCORE (IN NINTENDO POWER)” from Wordburglar’s hit album Rapplicable Skills. Check out wordburglar.com for more!