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FYIG WWE Weekly Hits and Misses #4

FYIG WWE Weekly Hits & Misses #4 – Bayley vs. Sasha/Wyatt/Jericho

FYIG WWE Weekly Hits & Misses #4 includes our thoughts on Bayley vs. Sasha, the lack of an opportunity for Emma, the stale act that is Bray Wyatt, and more!
iPod Nano

Apple Discontinues iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

Apple has killed off the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano after more than a decade on market amidst the growing popularity of smartphones.
Northern Arena Knockout 2017 Circuit

Northern Arena Announces Northern Arena Knockout 2017 Circuit

Calling all Street Fighter V fans! Northern Arena is holding the Northern Arena Knockout 2017 Circuit for an opportunity to become one of the best Street Fighter V players in the world!
McDonald's Boombox

McDonald’s Boombox Available Today For a Limited Time at Woodbine Beach

Dubbed the McDonald’s Boombox and created in partnership with McDonald’s, the University of Waterloo’s Audio Research Group and industrial design group Stacklab, the portable speaker will be made available at a one-day event at Toronto’s Woodbine Beach on July 28.

McLaren’s Quest for World’s Fastest Gamer Continues on Gear.Club Mobile Game

McLaren has significantly increased the gaming audience who can take part in its innovative World’s Fastest Gamer virtual racing contest by including the free-to-play mobile game Gear.Club as the platform for one of the competition’s qualifying rounds.
Lee Lawson

FYIG Chats With Actress Lee Lawson

FYIG recently had the chance to talk to actress Lee Lawson about her roles her career and her the many diverse roles she's played thus far. Read on to learn more about this talented Canadian actress!
5/11/2017 nintendo download

7/27/2017 Nintendo eShop Update

The 7/27/2017 Nintendo eShop Update includes some brand-new game for the Nintendo 3DS including Miitopia and Hey! PIKIMIN!