PlayStation is incorporating your mobile phone into a new set of Playlink games. Find out how this new experience stacks up in our That’s You! Review!

Release Date July 4, 2017
Genre Party
Platforms PS4
Developer Wish Studios
Price $27.99 US
Players 2-6 Players
ESRB Rating Teen


PlayStation has always been a tremendously ambitious company when it comes to finding new ways to play a video game. This is the company that brought us the EyeToy, Move, Wonderbook, and PSVR. PlayStation’s latest experiment is a new line of Playlink titles. These titles integrate with mobile phone apps to play games in new and innovative ways. The game we’ll be talking about today is one of the first titles available and it’s a party game called, That’s You!

That’s You! can be played with as little as 2 people and as many as 6 at once. Players must download a companion app on Android or iOS to play the game. The great thing about this app is it can be utilized without turning on your PS4 to play a stripped down version of the game focused on drawing called “Pass it On”. It also allows you to make drawings and create questions for the main game.

That's You! Review

Before starting the game, you’ll have to create a basic profile. This consists of picking one of around a dozen player cards, taking a selfie, and entering your name. It allows you to give yourself a little personality going into the game. After you’re finished all that, the virtual game briefcase is opened and you’re sent off to one of a number of different setting representing different types of subjects. It could be a creepy attic or a beautiful campsite. No matter what environment it is, they’re all really nice to look at and pretty varied.

That’s You! changes slightly depending on the number of players that are playing. If only 2 players are playing the game it becomes a cooperative experience where each player shares the same score. One player is asked a question and if both players answer the same way, points are awarded. It’s a good game for couples or friends to play to see how well they know each other.

This game becomes even better when you add more players into the mix. Each player has a score meter when you play with 3 or more and the more players that play, the more rounds there are. There is one round in a different setting for each player followed by a final round. The only way to score points is still to answer the same way as the other players. There are some uncomfortable romantic questions that can be toggled on and off in the options menu for those who want to add a bit more spice.

There are a few different types of questions. The most common question is the choice question (ex. Which player is most likely to…). Other types of questions include picture questions in which you choose which on-screen picture best represents the specific player and word questions in which you have to finish off a player’s sentence. There are also mimic questions which get your cameras involved and require you to mimic a face you see on screen and drawing questions which allow you to draw over a certain player to make them a clown for example. 

To make sure everyone knows what’s going on, a Games Master is there to help you along the way. He’ll narrate clearly and concisely and occasionally go off and tell stories (some of which are not so family-friendly). It’s great to have for those that are new to the game and it helps so that you don’t have to explain it to everyone every single time.

That’s You! is a great game to play with friends. If you’re looking for another game like the popular Jackbox, you’ll find that here. I will say that I don’t think it’s for everyone. It’s a purely social game and the games can be short. If you’re looking for a single player experience, you definitely won’t find that here. That’s You! fills the party game niche admirably and best of all, it’s free for the next few months on PlayStation Plus! 


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