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Burnout Crash! Review

It isn't quite a fully fledged game, but Criterion has given us a bite-sized Burnout to tide us over. Find out what we thought in our Burnout Crash! Review!
in-game advertising

In-Game Advertising: Is It Too Much?

In-game advertisements are becoming more and more prevalent. How much is too much? and should in-game advertisements really even matter to gamers?
Crashday: Redline Edition Review

Crashday: Redline Edition Review

Crashday has returned! After more than a decade, this cult-classic has been revamped. Find out if it was worth it in our Crashday: Redline Edition Review!
5/11/2017 nintendo download

8/10/2017 Nintendo eShop Update

The 8/10/2017 Nintendo eShop Update includes Flip Wars, a ton of new stuff for Fire Emblem Heroes, and a whole lot more!
playstation na store update

8/8/2017 PlayStation NA Store Update

The 8/8/2017 PlayStation NA Store Update includes deals on Square Enix and Rockstar titles as well as continuing the Totally Digital Sale!
LawBreakers Review

LawBreakers Review

It's time for some gravity-defying mayhem as we take a look at this brand new shooter from Boss Key Productions. Find out what we thought in our LawBreakers Review!
D.W. Waterson

FYIG Chats With Director D.W. Waterson aka DJ hey! dw

FYIG recently had the chance to chat with Director/Producer, D.W. Waterson aka DJ hey! dw. Find out about how she started her production company, Night Is Y, how That's My DJ came to be, and whether she'd be open to a fourth season. Read on to find out more about this talented entertainer!