FYIG recently had the chance to chat with Director/Producer, D.W. Waterson aka DJ hey! dw. Find out about how she started her production company, Night Is Y, how That’s My DJ came to be, and whether she’d be open to a fourth season. Read on to find out more about this talented entertainer!

You’ve become a well-rounded personality in the entertainment industry. Did you always aspire to be in that industry in some way? 
Don’t get me wrong I dreamed big as a 12-year-old. I 100% wanted that ‘epic’ life, but I had no idea it would all turn into this. In my wildest dreams, I never could have pictured the uniqueness of my career path and lifestyle.
What was it that drew you to the EDM scene and made you want to become a DJ? 
I still remember that moment I first heard electronic music – it was the song “Ill to destroy” by The Bloody Beetroots. Something literally clicked inside of me and the next thing I knew, I was on a plane flying to London, England to chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole.
What can people expect when they see DJ hey! dw? 
Big. Sweaty. Dance Party. 
How did you come to form your Night Is Y production company? What projects are you looking to take on with it in the future? 
For me, it was all about branding the content that I wanted to produce, which I would say is like “HBO for teens”. I really wanted to be a part of the voice of a generation that is honest with the youth and project their own everyday world experiences on the screen rather than selling them something that they could not relate to.
Take us through how you brought your passions together to create the very successful That’s My DJ web-series. 
Having played hundreds of gigs around Toronto I was constantly looking around the room thinking “there are so many interesting characters here, so much drama and passion set against this pulsating background with flashing colours why isn’t anyone telling this story?” It was this thought that inspired me to write, create and direct the web series That’s My DJ
Season 3 deals with the world of substance abuse. What made you decide to go with such a dark topic? 
That's My DJ
It’s something I see a lot of, unfortunately, and have had multiple friends struggle with. The party scene is so closely tied together with alcohol and substances – it’s become a very thin line of casual use to having a problem. Now with fentanyl in the mix, it is becoming more and more dangerous. We are losing people left, right and centre so I really wanted to help open this conversation up.
Were there any thoughts about extending it to a fourth season? 
I love That’s My DJ, and if the right investor were to come along then I would love to make it happen for the fans.
How have you enjoyed working with Emily Piggford (who we had a chat with a little while back)? 
WELL Emily Piggford has become one of my best friends over the five years of doing That’s My DJ, which is crazy to think she was a last minute casting decision in Season 1. I have never been more inspired, pushed, lifted up and loved by someone like that before. She is truly a force and such a muse for me.
DJ, drummer, producer, director…how do you manage it all? 
I really don’t know haha! If anything my passion is my driving force.
You’ve also created some music videos. How different is the creative process behind something like that versus an episode of That’s My DJ? 
For a music video, we can usually shoot in one day and have it completed, and ready to be released within two months. For a season of That’s My DJ it usually takes about a year and a half. Music videos are definitely way faster!
11) Let the readers know where to find you online
You can visit That’s My DJ at
Social channels:
Instagram – @heydw_x
Twitter – @heydw_x and @tmdj_series



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