LOS ANGELES, CA., August 1, 2017 – Prepare a smooth surface for your mouse to get a-rubbin’ because Moero Chronicle brings its moe-filled dungeon-crawling RPG battles to Steam August 16

With updated 1080p graphics and the options for Japanese and traditional Chinese subtitles, it launches with a weeklong 30% discount and a Deluxe Pack. Plus, get the Deluxe Bundle for extra savings!
Visit the Steam Store page here
Deluxe Pack $5.99 (available with game purchase) 
  • Monster Girls Gallery Art Book 
  • 3 PC wallpapers 
  • 3 phone wallpapers
Io is a simple young man with only one problem – he can’t talk to women! Any attempts at conversation are destroyed by his perverted mind, except when he talks to Lilia, his best friend, and a Monster Girl.
However, that becomes the least of his problems when he’s tasked with going to the dangerous region of Monstopia. There, Monster Girls have begun rampaging, causing wanton pain and destruction. Have the Monster Girls simply gone mad, or is there an even greater evil afoot…?
Key Features
  • Moe Monsters Moe Problems! Recruit 70 Monster Girls, each with unique skills and traits, to fight for you! You’ll have to wear them out in battle first though!
  • Can I Kick It? Build your relationship with each Monster Girl through special events, gift giving, and even home improvement to increase their powers and abilities!
  • Trait Flexin’ Strategize your 5-person party by keeping their Moe Traits in mind – when combined together, you can increase your party’s attack, recover after a battle, and more!
  • Nothin’ Wrong with a Little Bumping Scratch! Purify your Monster Girls and return them to their senses with “Bumping Scratch”! Find their points of weakness on their body and touch, rub, poke, or pick until they’re purified!


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