Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Review


Today we have our first review of a mobile game with our Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Review. These reviews will be much more concise than console and PC games because there is far less content in mobile games. Check out the quick review inside!

It’s time for another Final Fantasy game on mobile platforms. This time, it’s a game called Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. This one is developed by Machine Zone who also developed Game of War as well as Mobile Strike which you’ve probably seen in countless commercials by now. The Final Fantasy mobile games developed by Square Enix have been fairly well-received, but I can’t say the same about Machine Zone’s offering. It’s a repetitive freemium game that I didn’t have very much fun with.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is your typical build and battle game in which you build up your town to defend it against enemies while raiding other players’ towns. There are tons of these games out there right now and this one doesn’t do anything to really differentiate it from any of the others. There are multiple different types of materials that you need to mine for like stone and iron. Most of the game is spent upgrading buildings over and over again and there’s really very little in the way of interaction. Even the PVP is pretty on the rails and generic.

The worst part of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is how little is actually has to do with Final Fantasy. The towns you can build certainly aren’t very reminiscent of the console and PC game it’s named after and the characters have generic personalities that don’t match how they really were in Final Fantasy XV. It sort of feels like the game was originally being developed under a different title before they slapped the Final Fantasy license on it and re-branded it.

Much like all the other freemium games out there, you will reach a point where you’re going to have to wait forever for your buildings to upgrade or pay a bunch of money instead. This happens fairly quickly in A New Empire and after a couple days you’ll be waiting a long time to do anything in the game. That’s how a lot of these games are so it’s not specific to this one, but they do bombard you with ads trying to get you to purchase in-game currency and materials. It feels like a definite cash-grab.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is simply a bland game that doesn’t reward you in any way for playing for long periods of time. It’s a shame that they tied this in with Final Fantasy because it doesn’t come close to the quality of that series at all. Usually, I can find some type of redeeming quality to these types of games like the vast amount of characters and places in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, but there’s nothing really good to say about this one. I don’t recommend this title to anyone, there are far better titles in this genre on the mobile platform.

Here’s the link to the game for those who are interested: