FYIG recently had the chance to talk to actor Ronnie Rowe Jr. about his latest film, Black Cop. Check out the full interview inside!

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself 
I am an actor based in Toronto who recently starred in the film Black Cop which premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. I am the youngest of two children I have two nephews. I am a big reader and write poetry. I have an old English bulldog named Deuce.
I’ve read that you started out in acting doing plays like Greases and The Wizard of Oz in elementary school. Was a career in acting always on your mind or did it evolve into that later? 
I knew I always loved acting, but I also loved playing basketball at one point in my life, so I devoted a few years to playing collegiate basketball, it sent me to different parts in the U.S. as well as Canada. 
You later had a lead role in the Woody Harrelson play, A Bullet for Adolf. How did it feel to be featured in such a prominent role in a big name play? 
It was a highlight of my career for sure. Just the opportunity to be around Woody Harrelson and be directed by an actor who you respect was a blessing. It also instilled confidence in myself and reignited my passion for theatre. 
You’ve since had recurring roles in shows like The Strain, The Firm, and Dark Matter. What are the similarities and differences (if there are any) between acting in a play versus acting in a television show? 
The biggest difference to me is that film and television allow for subtle intimate reaction because the camera picks up everything. Where theatre may call for bigger expressions depending on the size of the venue.
Is it more difficult to play a one-off role as opposed to a recurring character? 
I would say it is different, not difficult. The recurring allows you to create that imaginary world more vividly. 
Tell us a little bit about your latest film, Black Cop. 
Black Cop is written and directed by Cory Bowles and it is a look at a black police officer that is torn between social reality and his career duty. After being profiled off duty, Black Cop goes on a revenge spree and takes matters into his own hands and flips the script by profiling caucasian individuals. 
What stood out about the role to you? 
It was his undertone of hurt and frustration, and being able to empathize with it because of some of the events that is featured in the film, have happened to me in real life. 
What message do you hope the film can convey to the audience? 
The film is a different perspective, and what I hope for it to do is start a conversation.
How was your experience working with director Cory Bowles? 
I have worked with Cory on four different occasions and it has always been a pleasure. He is open, generous and insightful. I look forward to the next time. 
Your career is really starting to blossom. What goals would you like to accomplish in acting? Do you have dream co-stars or directors that you’d like to work with? 
I just want to continue to develop as an artist and deliver strong work. The list of people I would love to work with is too large to list. 
Do you have any desire to work behind the scenes on a film or TV show? 
I would love to be behind the scenes of film and TV at some point in my career 
What other projects do you have coming up? 
I have some exciting things coming up which I will be able to announce soon, so stay tuned! 
Let the readers know where they can find you online. 
My IG is @ronnierowejr, it’s where I update what’s new with regards to my projects and life.


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