FYIG recently had the chance to talk to the stars of YouTwo TV, Harjit Bhandal and Jaz Saini. Find out how they came up with the channel, what inspires them, their favourite Zelda games, and a whole lot more inside!

Types Of Drivers We All Hate

1) How did you two meet?

Jaz – So we actually met at a video shoot that Harjit was filming and I was helping out on.

Harjit – But we didn’t really start being friends until March 2015 on a trip to India we were both on. We kind of just hit it off, became good friends, and eventually started dating!

2) Tell us about the original concept for YouTwoTV and how the channel came to fruition.

J – We have always been in love with creating content and we love making content together. So one day we figured it was time to just take the plunge into YouTube and what better way than doing it together. We sat down and came up with the name and then it all just flowed from there.

H – The concept behind YouTwoTV has always been short relatable comedy skits and that hasn’t changed as of yet! We like to say that we make real life funny so we’re constantly just taking ideas from our lives.

Types Of Texters We All Hate

3) Where does the inspiration come from for your videos? Do you ever have trouble coming up with new topics?

J – We take inspiration from literally everything that happens to us or our friends or our family. If it’s something we can relate to we make a video about it.

H – We have our days, some days it’s super easy and the idea just comes to us and sometimes we’re sitting there for hours just staring at the ceiling hoping something will come our way.

4) What are your favourite videos that you’ve done so far?

J – Types Of Texters. It was super simple but I loved how we told the story.

H – Struggles Of Having Strict Parents. It was the first time we introduced our parent characters so it was really nerve wrecking, but we got a great response!

5) Did you ever expect for the channel to be as successful as it has been? 638,000 subscribers and 160 million views in a year and a half is nothing short of incredible.

J – Not at all! We knew we were on to something when we released our first video and we had big dreams but we didn’t expect it all to happen so fast!

H – We were aiming for 100,000 subscribers in the first year, definitely not over 500 thousand!

6) You also started a YouTwoVlogs channel that has 72,000 subscribers and 6.5 million views at the time of this interview. How does it feel to know that many people care about your daily lives beyond just entertainment?

J – It’s crazy to think that people are attached to us and want to know what’s up, but it’s awesome because it’s like we have 72,000 friends who hang out with us every day!

H – We started the vlog channel more for ourselves as well because we enjoyed doing it, taking the camera with us everywhere we go and sharing our feelings. It’s such a dope feeling knowing that people actually care!

The Struggles Of Having Strict Parents

7) What was it like to receive the inaugural Fan Fave Much Creator Award at the 2017 MMVAs?

H – This was definitely one of the biggest moments in our career to date! We both grew up watching the MMVA’s so it was a dream come true to get up on that stage and accept that award!

J – It feels amazing to be recognized for our work! We’ve worked so hard this past year and our friends are always asking us where we’ve been and why we haven’t been hanging out. It’s cool to show them the award and being like “that’s where we’ve been, working for this”

8) Did you ever think that you’d be winning an award for your content a little over a year after starting the channel?

J – To be honest, we didn’t even think we’d be nominated for something like this or any kind of award. It’s crazy to think we’ve come this far this quickly!

9) You’re both Legend of Zelda fans. What are your favourite Zelda games?

J – I just started playing Zelda a few months ago on the Switch and am OBSESSED with Breath Of The Wild. I’m starting to confuse real life with Zelda, I want to pick up rocks to see if I can find Korok seeds!

H – I started playing Zelda when I was in grade school with Ocarina of Time and was super obsessed and now feel the same way with Breath Of Wild.

Types Of Siblings

10) What have you learned and how have you grown as entertainers since starting your channels?

J – I’ve learned that hard work beats talent every single time. I don’t think we’re super talented, but we work our asses off and are teaching ourselves how to act and film and do all of these things. We’ve gained our success purely off of hard work and passion.

H – Adding on to what Jaz said, we’ve learned that being self-sufficient is extremely important and that’s why we do everything ourselves. From filming to writing to editing to the whole business aspect of it, we try not to depend on anyone else.

11) What advice do you have for aspiring YouTubers?

J – Get ready to do a lot of work and make sure whatever you do on YouTube it’s fresh and original

H – Consistency is key! If you get viewers attached to you, you don’t want to let them down and not upload as much. Our viewers know they can count on us every to upload every Monday and that’s what keeps them coming back.

12) What’s next for YouTwoTV? What are your goals for the future?


H – What Jaz said, we want to take over the world, haha. For real though, we just want to grow and expand, meet our fans and do a live tour and eventually a TV Show.

13) Where can the readers find you online?

On YouTube you can find us under YouTwoTV or YouTwoVLOGS

Jaz’s Instagram: @sincerelyxjaz Twitter: @sincerelyxjaz

Harjit’s Instagram: @whoisharjit Twitter: @whoisharjit


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