In our WWE No Mercy 2017 Reaction, we talk about John Cena, Enzo Amore, the Fatal 5-Way Match for the Raw Women’s Championship, and much more.

Jordan Comes Up Short Again

Jason Jordan fell to the numbers game of The Miztourage once again at WWE No Mercy. Just as Jordan looked to win the match, Curtis Axel would knock him right into a Skull Crushing Finale. The match was decent, but it wasn’t anything we haven’t seen between these two before. I think this is a classic example of why you shouldn’t push someone to the moon out of nowhere. The fans are not taking to him at all and were firmly behind The Miz for most of the match. If that wasn’t bad enough, his promo after the match ended with telling Miz that he sucks. It was a mess.

I think the only way to salvage Jason Jordan’s character now is to turn him heel and give him opportunities because of his father. Maybe even give him favourable stipulations? It’s clear that things aren’t going to work the way they’re currently going. It’s almost like the Roman Reigns effect where WWE just keeps pushing him towards fans to like him and that just makes them hate him more. Stars need to break out more organically and Jordan was doing that in American Alpha before they plucked him for this storyline. I hope he can turn it around, but No Mercy was definitely a low point for him.

Finn Balor Defies Injury to Take Down Bray Wyatt

Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt went to war one more time man vs. man in what I hope is the end of this feud. Finn had a great promo on Monday night asking “if the man created the demon, which one is more dangerous?” Finn answered that question at No Mercy by defeating Bray Wyatt. It wasn’t so much of a straight-up match as there was a quick injury angle on Finn’s ribs as Bray attacked him before the match. It became a focal point for most of the match, but Finn overcame it to win with a Coup de Grace.

These two need to move on to other feuds. I think both of them can do a lot more than this feud allowed. I was never personally invested in this one because these two guys don’t really go together well. They tried to make something of it with Finn’s Demon persona, but then they kept going until now with the man to man thing. It just didn’t really work for me and I didn’t feel like there was much of a reason for these two to be feuding. It didn’t feel natural. I’d like to see Finn move into a feud with The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. I feel like the added Miztourage element could be a good mountain to climb for Finn.

Cesaro Loses Some Teeth

The match for the Raw Tag Team Championships was one of the best matches on the card at No Mercy. These two teams work so well together and have so much chemistry that everything they do seems to mean something. Cesaro even managed to Powerbomb Rollins onto Ambrose which Ambrose somehow kicked out of. I really thought I wouldn’t like these two teams when each of them came together, but it was a great idea in hindsight. With so much talent, WWE has to spread it around in creative ways and using two guys who have been top singles competitors for the better part of the last 3 years is a great way to keep them fresh and revitalize the Raw Tag Team Division.

Cesaro ended up losing some teeth after smacking his face off the ring post on a turnbuckle spot. It was a pretty chilling thing to watch, but he stayed in for the rest of the match. A miscue would cost them their chance to regain the titles as Sheamus would nail Cesaro with a Brogue Kick. Rollins and Ambrose capitalized with both of their finishers to retain the titles. I don’t think this feud is over, but I’m not sure what else these guys can really do. TLC is coming up so I suppose there may be a specialty match coming up shortly between the two teams. I think a Ladder Match could be a show stealer between these two teams.

The Goddess Steals One

The Fatal-5-Way Match for the Raw Women’s Championship was much better than I expected it to be. Sometimes these multi-person matches can leave a couple of the competitors outshined, but each woman seemed to have her moments in this one. Nia Jax specifically had some great moments with a Double Samoan Drop as well a being Powerbombed by the other girls on the outside with which she was folded up like an accordion. That one looked dangerous.

Alexa Bliss somehow retained the title after taking advantage of the situation and DDTing Bayley for the pinfall. My thought process on this is that Alexa will be facing Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship at TLC (which was announced as Asuka’s Raw debut). I hope that’s not the case because I don’t want Asuka to be rocketed to the title right away, but it looks like the case. I think another thing is that WWE has trouble taking the titles off people like Alexa and The Miz because they’re such good heels and they do great work. No matter what Alexa does, I’m invested in it because her reactions and personality make it interesting. The best woman won at WWE No Mercy.

Cena Passes The Torch

I don’t know what the future holds for John Cena, but it was an emotional night watching him lose to Roman Reigns. John Cena has been around since 2002 and he’s one of those guys that just felt like he would be there forever and we’re starting to see that that’s not the case. Reigns and Cena had a great match, as expected, and I really wasn’t sure who would win this one with all the big spots and finishers that were performed. A Superman Punch and a Spear was all that was needed though as Reigns got the 3-count.

It was an eerie evening as it was almost like the crowd knew that this was going to be the last time we see Cena for at least a while. Cena was cryptic in his interview on Raw Talk talking about how he’s not gone, but that things are changing for him. I think with his movie career and his eventual marriage to Nikki Bella, Cena is really going to have to be more selective of his spots. It’s weird to see someone who has been around for the last 15 years winding down after being the guy for at least the last 12. 

The one thing I want to know is why this moment wasn’t saved for WrestleMania. Could it be that Cena won’t be at WrestleMania this year? It just seems interesting that Cena has burned through matches with Shinsuke Nakamura, Jinder Mahal, and now Roman Reigns all in the last month. It feels like there’s a story that isn’t being told here. Regardless of that, I appreciate what John Cena did for WWE over the last 15 years especially considering he was a face for around 13 straight years, that’s incredible. I don’t think the company would be in the place it’s in right now without his contributions.

Enzo Becomes Champion

Well, it happened. Enzo Amore became the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion after kicking Neville where the sun doesn’t shine behind the referee’s back. Enzo should have been counted out, but he grabbed the title so the referee stopped the count for whatever reason. I just can’t understand why you’d put the Cruiserweight Title on someone like Enzo who hasn’t really accomplished anything. Having him win it the way he did made it that much worse.

I didn’t like Enzo Amore already, but his behaviour on Raw Talk solidified that. He acted like he was better than everybody and that he was going to make aesthetic changes to the title. He acted like he deserved it, which he doesn’t. There are plenty of deserving Cruiserweights who haven’t even had a sniff of the title. Heck, Austin Aries left the company after realizing he wasn’t becoming champion and wasn’t going anywhere in 205 Live.

There are two ways that this can be salvaged. 1) Neville will move on from 205 Live and go after the main roster on Raw. 2) The entire Cruiserweight Division will feud with Enzo Amore. I mean, they already started bashing him on Twitter, why not turn it into something real? I just think that the Cruiserweight Championship should be for people that can actually wrestler at an elite level. That’s not Enzo.

Lesnar Escapes With The Title

Braun Strowman put on a show for the crowd dominating Brock Lesnar for most of the match before Lesnar hit a quick F5 to retain the Universal Championship. I think WWE really missed an opportunity have a worthy competitor take the title with this one. My theory is that they’ll wait until TLC for someone to win the title in some type of gimmick match to protect Lesnar’s image a little bit. This match was decent, but far from main event quality to me, I feel like Cena and Reigns should have went on last in place of this one. I still liked the story that these guys told and Braun continues to make a name for himself against the big dogs in WWE.

Final Thoughts

WWE No Mercy 2017 was a great show. It was one of the best Raw brand events that I’ve seen and I felt like every match (besides the Cruiserweight Championship match) was worth watching start to finish. If you can only watch a few I’d suggest watching the Tag Title Match, Cena/Reigns, and the Women’s Title Match. I hope Raw can continue this good momentum into October’s TLC event.


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