The 9/26/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysis features our thoughts on Kevin Owens, the dissension between the Hype Bros, Natalya, and much more!

Dissension in The Hype Bros

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley just can’t seem to buy a victory lately and that has led to some tension between the two men. This led to another loss as Ryder and Mojo argued after Mojo tagged himself in. This led to another loss, this time to The Usos. My question is, where do these two guys go if they aren’t in a tag team? WWE has historically viewed Ryder as nothing more than a jobber and Mojo has done absolutely nothing since winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royale at WrestleMania. What’s next?

My hope is that these two have a lengthy personal feud with Ryder being angry that he’s been shoved aside for a “rookie”. My fear is that these two will have one match, the feud will be over, and they’ll both be back to doing nothing. Let’s not forget that these two had tons of momentum before Zack got hurt. I hope for the best for both of them because there’s talent there, but I think this is either going to go really well, or both of them will end up released.

Pride of Bulgaria Celebration

Aiden English being linked to Rusev is one of the weirdest pairings going in WWE. To be honest, I’ve never cared for Aiden. He just doesn’t capture my attention in any meaningful way and I find him quite annoying. Sure, it’s his job to be annoying but I don’t even like any segment that he’s been in. Anyways, this whole celebration was rather ridiculous. it was one of those skits that just didn’t need to be done. The mayor giving Rusev a key, and Aiden signing, it was all really strange.

Randy Orton would come in and drop both men with RKOs and I really question why I should even care about this feud. I feel like they’ve already ruined Rusev’s character and there isn’t much they can do to fix it now besides having him do a face turn. I think that would be perfect, but it doesn’t even seem to be on the horizon. I just feel like heel Rusev has already been through almost every type of story imaginable.

Corbin’s Pursuit of the US Championship

I really loved that Baron Corbin won the Money in the Bank briefcase, but now that he has lost it, I don’t think he was quite ready for that. This feud he has going with AJ Styles is a much better first step to superstardom. Corbin is going to learn a lot from AJ. I liked the way he got the count-out victory over Tye Dillinger on SmackDown by throwing Tye into AJ at the announce desk. It was a perfect heel move and these are kinds of things we aren’t seeing as much anymore.

I think the best thing for Corbin is to go after a fan favourite like AJ. He can get more heat this way than any other. I think he could become the biggest heel in the company if he continues to work on his mic skills. This is why it’s better for him to go after the US title right now before making a big run at the WWE Championship. WWE has pushed people to the moon many times and failed (Jack Swagger), so they need to be more careful about pulling the trigger to make sure things are going to work out well. Corbin is well on his way.

Kevin Owens

No matter what Kevin Owens does in WWE, he seems to push the envelope and create amazing television. Bringing Sami Zayn into his feud with Shane McMahon was made this feud even better as Kevin beat Sami so badly that he could not continue the match. He then continued the assault until Shane made the save. This is the most dangerous Kevin has looked and he is undoubtedly the best heel in WWE right now. Everything Kevin touches seems to turn to gold and this feud is shaping up to be pretty interesting so far.

I’m very excited to see where this feud goes because the McMahon family has ties to both Owens and Shane. Triple H and Stephanie could easily align with Kevin in this situation and we could see a huge multi-person feud on our hands. Of course, that’s wishful thinking and this feud will likely end at Hell in a Cell, but I can hope for bigger things!

Charlotte vs. Natalya

This Charlotte and Natalya feud will set up one or more great matches, that much is for sure, but the build for it has been subpar. Charlotte can hold her own, but everything Natalya says feels like she’s reading from a script. It’s a problem I’ve had with Nattie forever. I don’t think it’s necessarily her fault, either. I think that it’s more a product of not having enough freedom. That being said, I can’t wait to see the match between these two. The last one for a championship was in NXT years ago and they tore the house down. I fully expect this next one at Hell in a Cell to be even better than that one. I just need to feel more emotion from Nattie to be more into this feud and I just don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Undertaker Parody

Dolph Ziggler decided to come out and parody The Undertaker’s entrance on SmackDown saying that anyone could be that character. I kind of agree to a point. Ziggler went on about how much better he is in the ring than anyone else before he was interrupted by Bobby Roode. Roode called him a hypocrite because he’s been hogging the spotlight week after week with these entrances. Basically, the two are having a match at Hell in a Cell.

If this is Ziggler’s last match in WWE, or last feud, this is a perfect one to go out on. Ziggler and Roode have never worked together to my knowledge and both are great in-ring technicians. I don’t know what the future holds for Dolph, but everything he is saying has a bit of truth to it. He is a fantastic wrestler and he has been overlooked for people who are more visual than he is. I kind of feel for him there because he could easily have been one of the greatest of all time and yet, he has barely touched the World Title scene in all the years he’s been in WWE and it’s a shame.

Final Thoughts

You’ll notice I didn’t mention the WWE Championship feud. That’s because it has been awful and I really think that the title needs to come off Jinder if he can’t do something to make a statement soon. This is easily the most boring feud for the title I’ve ever seen and that has nothing to do with Nakamura. The whole show was pretty dry this week aside from the Owens segments so I hope it rebounds next week.


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