The 9/27/2017 WWE NXT Analysis includes my thoughts on Lars Sullivan, Vanessa Borne, The Undisputed Era, and more. Check out more inside!

Lars Sullivan Arrives

WWE has a long history of liking powerhouse wrestlers and Lars Sullivan certainly fits the bill. Lars is making quite a name for himself in NXT attacking popular stars like No Way José and now Oney Lorcan. It was a great idea to pair Oney with him to make him look like an even bigger heel. Lars seems to have all the tools to make it happen on his own, but it doesn’t hurt to decimate some of NXT’s most beloved Superstars.

I do question what they’d like to do with Lars in the long-term. Sure, he can go the route the people like Snitsky have before, but it never really leads anywhere. These bigger guys always seem to fade away after a while. I want to see something different with Lars, something that will give him a longer shelf-life. In the meantime, I think they’re building him up the right way and I’m sure we’ll see him face Danny Burch in the next few weeks after Burch saved Oney from a bigger beatdown. That’ll be another good star for Lars to squash.

What To Do With Heavy Machinery

It may be an insane idea to some, but why not bring Heavy Machinery to the main roster? They’re a team unlike any other right now and I’m sure they could have some fun feuds up there. They keep rolling through opponents in NXT, but right now it seems like there isn’t much of a place for them to do too much else. Sanity and The Undisputed Era are embroiled in a feud and Sanity are holding the titles, so I don’t really see what Tucker and Otis are going to be able to accomplish over the next couple of months. At the rate WWE is churning out stars, they’d do well to have another weekly show added to the mix.

Vanessa Borne

I’ve seen Vanessa Borne a handful of times now and I can honestly say that she’s one of the ladies with the most potential in NXT. She already has that heel attitude and the mannerisms down and her ring-work is coming along quite nicely. I’d like to see her become more of a focal point on NXT TV going into 2018. NXT is deceptively low on TV-ready women’s talent and I think that Vanessa can definitely help to fill one of those holes. I think the only problem with her is that she hasn’t gotten much TV time and that the audience still doesn’t know much about her at this time.

Fabian Aichner vs. Kassius Ohno

Fabian Aichner made his NXT debut against Kassisus Ohno this week and it was hard not to be impressed with what he could do in the ring. He has that intensity that you just can’t teach and it’s nice to see that come out here and there. I thought he had a really good showing, but you can say that about everyone that faces off against Kassisus Ohno. He’s just so good at making his opponents look even better than they are. That’s no slight to Fabian who is no doubt going to make a name for himself in NXT, but it’s more praise for Kassius who never has a bad match.

I really do wonder what’s going to happen with Kassius Ohno. I think he’s one of the most talented stars in NXT and yet he really hasn’t been given much of an opportunity to do anything of note. I fear that weight issues are still keeping him below the heights that he should be at, but that’s purely speculation. I just think WWE needs to do something with him before he gets fed up like Austin Aries did.

The Undisputed Era

I really hate that name, it just doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. I would have much preferred the name System Shock for this team or something along those lines. I think that these guys are going to be huge in the next year for NXT. Adam Cole got his first victory over Eric Young on this edition of NXT and did so with the help of O’Reilly and Fish. I think we’ll be seeing a ton of that in the next few months en route to the team holding all the male gold in NXT. 

I hope that this will be a platform for both Cole and Fish and O’Reilly. We all know Cole is the focal point, but what will become of O’Reilly and Fish when this faction comes to an end? I know, that’s a long way off as of now, but still. We’ve seen WWE completely forget about other the two lesser guys in factions many times before and I worry the same could happen here. 

I do think The Undisputed Era has been a much needed shot in the arm for NXT, but I really hope they turn up the volume over the next few months and become truly dominant. WWE has been looking for the next great group for a long time and it looks like they finally have it here. I’d like to see even more ROH stars join them. Why not create a 5-6 person faction that completely takes over? A modern nWo would work really well, especially in NXT. That’s what I envision for these guys.

The Final Word

This was a good episode of NXT with a nice mix of new and established stars. Things are about to get really compelling heading into the next Takeover event and we’re just starting down that road now.



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