FYIG recently got to chat with actress and singer Alyssa Baker about her career, her role on Lost and Found Music Studios, and much more. Read more inside!

Tell us a little bit about how you got started in music.

I started out singing to the radio. My parents always had music playing, so as soon as I could talk, I wanted to sing along. At age five, I got my first ever report card, which was an exciting milestone. My parents always encouraged positive re-enforcement, so since I had done well, they asked me what I wanted as a little congratulations gift. I asked for singing lessons. 

Describe your musical style.

It’s funny, in the short year since the release of my last EP, I have changed so much as an artist. However, I think I have settled comfortably into the realm of alternative-pop. 

You released your first EP in 2014. What did it feel like to finally have your music released to a wide audience?

It’s hard to pin down how it felt. I had been singing, performing and writing for a while, and I always had such big dreams. This was the first step big step I took towards that goal, and so many of the opportunities I have today, originated with that music. 

How has your music evolved since that first EP?

I was 16 when my first EP was released, and in two weeks, I will be 20. It sounds funny, but I guess I grew up, and my music did too. I experienced a lot of changes in the four years since then, and those changes influence the themes and motifs of my songs. Additionally, when I went to the studio on that first day to work on my first EP, I knew next to nothing about recording music. I learned a lot working on that EP and the next one, so for my current project, I have a clear vision of who I am as an artist and I know to communicate that sonically. 

How was your experience on CBC’s Searchlight?

When I made it the regional finals, I was really excited. Your success in the competition is based on fan vote, so I was thankful that everyone went online and voted for me. 

How did your role on Lost and Found Music Studios come about?

In addition to music, I always pursued acting. I heard about the audition for Lost and Found Music Studios through my agent, and we thought it seemed like the perfect role for me, so we crossed our fingers that I would get it. After initially sending in a self-tape, it was a whirlwind. Within four weeks, I relocated to Toronto and began filming. 

Lost and Found Music Studios | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Tells us a little bit about your character Maggie.

Maggie is a confident and driven, small town girl with big dreams. She comes to the studio with a laid-back and friendly vibe but quickly finds herself in drama when she and another girl start liking the same boy.

Is it easier to balance your music career with the show considering they’re both centered around music?

Definitely. The show has been wonderful because it points to both my acting and music careers. I didn’t have to take time off from music to act or vice versa. The show has helped me grow as an artist and gain experience in both fields, which I am very grateful for. 

Do you plan on pursuing more television or possibly even movie roles?

Absolutely. I am still auditioning, so hopefully, I can continue to grow as an actor, as well as a musician. 

Alyssa Baker

What are your goals going forward as a musician?

I am currently in the studio working on six new singles, so in the short-term, I’m really looking forward to releasing those. That process will most likely begin in January, so not too much longer! In the long-term, I’d like to work towards a full-length album and continue to develop my sound, my brand, and my artistry. 

Let everyone know where to find you online.

Instagram: @alyssa_baker
Twitter: @AlyssaBaker
Snapchat: @iamalyssabaker


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