Team 6 has created a brand-new game full of motorcycle combat reminiscent of the classic Road Rash. Find out what we thought about it in our Road Rage Review!

Release Date November 14, 2017
Genre Vehicular Combat/Racing
Platforms PS4/XBO/PC
Developer Team 6
Price $29.99 US
ESRB Rating Mature
Players 1 Player


*A copy of this game was provided by Maximum Games to FYIG for review purposes*

I was a big fan of EA’s Road Rash series growing up so when I heard there was going to be a new motorcycle combat game, I was excited. Road Rage isn’t all that similar to EA’s series, but it was close enough for me to get that nostalgic feeling. That feeling quickly went away as I played through Road Rage and realized that the game had a number of issues that severely affected my enjoyment of the game.

The concept of Road Rage is pretty simple. It’s an open-world combat racing game set in a fictional crime-ridden city. The map is pretty large for a smaller budget game and is split into 7 distinct districts that each have different characteristics. It’s not hard to tell what district you’re in from your surroundings. The only real incentive to explore these areas is to collect the single collectible available in each district. Yes, that’s right. There are only 7 collectibles in all, you’re not stuck looking for 200 different things which I felt was a positive.

Road Rage Review
The result of getting knocked down.

There are plenty of different missions to go through that can be accessed via menu or driving to a point on the map. Most of the missions are based on racing such as circuit races, sprints, time trials, and eliminator where the person in last place is eliminated after each lap. There are also stunt events where you have to pop wheelies, get big air, and perform near misses. There are even missions where you have to escape the police by remaining out of sight for a pre-determined amount of time. The weird thing about the game is that it doesn’t tell you which missions are complete which is just mind-boggling and something I’ve never encountered in a video game.

The game mechanics work fairly well and you’re able to drive around and do everything you’d expect out of a racing game. I will say that the bikes drive more like cars and your character doesn’t really lean into turns, they just stay straight up, which felt weird to me. You can swing around corners with ease and perform wheelies for miles without toppling over. Combat is equally simple with a quick button press being the only method of attack. It’s a battle of quickness between you and the CPU and you’ll barely ever lose.

Road Rage Review
Yes, you can hit pedestrians.

The AI in this game is just atrocious. There was never much challenge with the game because the AI is so prone to making mistakes and getting stuck. Every race I played ended up with me way out front while I passed racers who got stuck behind cars or ones that kept knocking each other down. The police were equally as bad as I barely saw them at all during any pursuits. They got lost and didn’t really come near me at all. It was peculiar, to say the least. It happened every time I was being pursued by the cops.

One positive about Road Rage is that it includes a whole slew of weapons like hockey sticks, crowbars, and even chainsaws. There are even more characters, bikes, parts, and upgrades to unlock so there is a lot to strive for. There’s also a generous amount of money given each race so you’ll never feel like it’s too tedious to unlock anything you may want. The problem I had was that none of the weapons really made a huge difference and my bike was already way faster than I needed it to be so I didn’t feel the need to buy much. There are missions that require other bikes, but there still wasn’t much of a need to upgrade beyond buying the bike I needed.

Road Rage Review
CPU players stay clustered together and run each other off the road.

The worst part of this game was the how many bugs I encountered when I played it. These were game-breaking glitches that really took any enjoyment I could have had out of the game. I had to restart a few races because my bike got stuck in the road. I fell through the world twice. I went through buildings more than half a dozen times. You shouldn’t have to worry that the game won’t be reliable enough for you to play it and I felt that way the entire time playing it.

Pros Cons
None Awful AI
  Tons of glitches
  Non-existant physics


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